Can I give my dog tums?

Can I Give My Dog Tums?When a pet dog seems to be experiencing upset stomach can Tums help them out? Its appropriateness for canines needs to be addressed since this well known over-the-counter antacid brand is so often relied upon.

Tums can, in fact, work for animals and this product typically isn’t dangerous for dogs. Vets will confirm that antacids do help to alleviate tummy pains and related gastrointestinal symptoms. Some owners also give these chewable tablets as a calcium supplement.

In any case, giving your dog Tums may not be as good as some alternatives which we’ll be recommending. Also consider that time can be the best remedy for an upset stomach. Knowing what causes such trouble, food or otherwise, is also important to prevent recurring cases.

Can I Give My Dog Tums? Answer: Yes, but look at other options

Canines have fast digestive systems and, typically, their stomach issues usually resolve themselves in short order.

Instead of Tums, consider getting an all-natural product called Pet-Relief which is getting rave reviews from dog owners. It’s effective for gas, stomach upset, bloating as well as diarrhea. Human-formulated Tums, while not toxic for dogs when given in reasonable doses, isn’t being recommended by vets as much as in years past. For example, giving Tums to dogs is not as prevalent compared to Pepto use. Actually, a good canine probiotic may be the long-term solution you are looking for.

If your best buddy has a serious stomach problem then a professional’s diagnosis is needed.

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Tums as a Calcium Supplement

Some owners administer Tums to increase their pet’s calcium intake. But a high-quality dog food will meet this key nutritional requirement. You want a long term solution, in a form that’s consistent, and so these antacid tablets just won’t do. Besides, too much unnecessary calcium could develop into pancreatitis or some other health problems.

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If your dog really does need extra calcium then a well-regarded canine-formulated supplement is a better option.

Natural Remedies and Foods

While antacids are definitely effective, feeding your dog some pureed pumpkin can help with stomach problems and related bowel issues. Pumpkin is healthy in its own right and won’t constipate your dog, like too much Tums possibly can. Another approach is fasting followed by a reintroduction of mild foods like boiled chicken and rice.

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It cannot be emphasized enough that a good quality dog food, rather than Tums, will go a long way towards avoiding stubborn stomachaches. Make no mistake about it, Fido’s feeding routine is a factor and meals should be given at certain times. Digestive juices begin flowing, in anticipation, and your dog will break down food more efficiently. Proper portions also make digestion easier.

Hopefully you see why Tums shouldn’t be depended on as a lasting solution for dogs.

Well Known Alternatives

There are many antacid products besides Tums which can work in a similar way. Keep in mind they were all developed for humans, so they carry slightly higher risks for dogs. Prilosec, Alka-Seltzer, Rolaids, and Zantac are just a few familiar brands. Pepto Bismol is often recommended by veterinarians when they aren’t prescribing something developed specifically for animals.

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Self-medicating your beloved dog can, at times, be dangerous and covering up symptoms avoids addressing what could be a more serious underlying problem. Always be cautious so as to avoid causing more harm than good. This is why it’s smart to involve a local vet for best results and peace of mind.

When you experiment with Tums, GlaxoSmithKline certainly won’t be taking responsibility for your dog’s well-being.

Conclusion on Tums

Tums isn’t normally harmful for dogs when properly dosed. But providing this product, which is basically calcium carbonate with some added sugar, may be unnecessary. Dogs are fairly resilient when dealing with regular stomachaches. Consider letting the situation resolve itself instead of using an antacid like Tums, and be sure to get a professional’s opinion for severe or recurring cases. Dog digestive problems, when diagnosed, can be cured rather than being covered up with Tums.

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