Miley cyrus celebrates lila’s 2nd birthday – by dying her pink!

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The tiniest member of Miley Cyrus’s pack of rescued pups, Lila, celebrated her 2nd birthday this weekend! In honor of the special day, mama Miley gave her tiny pup a pretty pink birthday suit!

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Miley Cyrus’ Yorky, Lila, sports a pink coat in celebration of her 2nd birthday. Photo courtesy Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus Tweeted this photo, with the caption, “Happy 2nd Bday Lila 🙂 (ps her birthday suit is just a Beet Juice bath stain).

While controversial among dog lovers, using a vegetable dye, like beet juice, is a safe way to color a dog’s coat. However, many stars, including pop singer Aubrey O’Day and actress Emma Watson have taken some serious heat from the public for sporting their own pink pooches. Was Miley concerned about the same backlash when she told fans and followers it’s “just a Beet Juice bath stain?”

Whatever your opinion about dyeing a dog, it’s evident that Miley loves her dogs and continues to promote adoption and rescue in addition to pampering her own 5 rescue pups.

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What’s your stand on doggy dye-jobs? Cute or cruel?

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