Obama: a second term doesn’t include a second dog

It’s not all good news for the Obama family today. Sasha and Malia Obama were informed during dad Barack’s acceptance speech, after winning the nail-biting election to President of the United States for another 4-year term, that a second term doesn’t mean the girls get a second dog.

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The adorable First Dog, Bo Obama won’t be getting a brother or sister for at least 4 more years. Wikipedia.

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In 2008, then-Senator Obama promised his girls that after the election was over, they could get a puppy. And, in April 2009, the first family got Bo, a Portuguese water dog.

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But in the wee hours of morning, while Obama thanked his supporters and recognized his family, he let the girls know that “One dog’s probably enough.”

Is Bo sad that he doesn’t get a playmate? Or just exhausted from all the campaigning? Photo courtesy Michelle Obama.

Dogs in the White House are nothing new. Throughout history, presidents have enjoyed the company of four-legged friends in the Oval Office. Click here to read about even more presidential pets!

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