One direction’s liam payne buys a puppy!

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Brit, the 10-week old Lab puppy that One Direction singer Liam Payne bought for his family. Photo courtesy of Ruth Payne.

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British pop singer member of hit group One Direction, Liam Payne, used a bit of his new fortune to buy his family a new puppy. Liam named the Labrador Retriever, a mix of yellow and fox red, ‘Brit,’ after the band’s recent Brit Award win in February.

While the 10-week old puppy won’t be joining Liam on tour this summer, his older sister Ruth is keeping Liam and his swarm of fans updated on the puppy’s progress via Twitter. Ruth recently announced to fans, “He’s already asked when its his turn to look after her.”

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Ruth has also tweeted, “Brit has kept me busy for the past 4 days – she’s a little cutie but can be a naughty puppy when she wants to be.”

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