The bachelor’s sean lowe is looking for a woman that loves his dogs

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For the newest season of ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor, man of the hour, Sean Lowe has one criteria he just won’t budge on – his new girl must love his dogs!

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Lowe sat down with People magazine and dished on the two biggest loves in his life right now – his 2 dogs, a boxer named Lola and a chocolate Lab named Ellie. He said, of the pair of pups he’s had for 6 years, “For so long it’s just been me and my two dogs, and I’m certainly not going to replace them with any woman.”

Making the decision to look for love has required Sean to make a few changes at home, though.

“For many years, my dogs would sleep in the bed with me,” he says. “I’m a big guy and I’ve got two good-sized dogs, so it’s a full bed. Then I just realized one day, ‘Alright, if I get married and a woman’s going to join me in the bed, there’s not going to be enough room.’ I had to break the dogs of the habit of sleeping in the bed.”

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Fans can expect to learn more about Lola and Ellie throughout the season. Being such a big part of his life, Lowe will certainly be looking for a future wife that loves dogs as much as he does. And, he’s just got to introduce the furry girls to his date on the infamous “hometown visit”!

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You can catch The Bachelor on ABC every Monday night. Click here to meet Sean and his dogs, and hear how his dogs have impacted his dating life.

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