Dog friendly us national parks: make the most of your summer!

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Summer time, and the living’s easy! As the summer heats up, families are looking into various vacation opportunities and often turn to national parks as a fun and affordable getaway.

Of course you want to make sure the entire family is invited, and that means the furry family members too! My Bones & Biscuits has put together this cute (and handy) infographic showing 10 Dog Friendly National Parks You Must Visit This Summer!

Best Dog-Friendly National Parks

Acadia National Park

Location: Maine

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Benefits: 120 miles of hiking trails to explore!

Cuyahoga National Park

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Benefits: 125 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails through wetlands, woodlands, and fields

Grand Canyon National Park

Location: Arizona

Benefits: Spectacular views and trails of one of the country’s most iconic landmarks, which can be explored with you canine!

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Location: Colorado, San Luis Valley

Benefits: This park features the tallest dunes in North America, complete with grasslands, wetlands, and more! Dogs are welcome in many areas.

Hot Springs National Park

Location: Arkansas

Benefits: This dog-friendly hot springs park is beautiful and relaxing for canines alike, with hot springs and a few dog-friendly trails.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Location: Kentucky

Benefits: Over 300 miles of underground tunnels and passageways to explore, plus over 70 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails.

Shenandoah National Park

Location: Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains

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Benefits: 500 miles of beautiful hiking trails (only 20 miles of trail is off-limits for dogs, due to rock climbing or very narrow passageways). You can see waterfalls and wilderness just 70 miles from Washington DC!

Yosemite National Park

Location: California, Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Benefits: One of the country’s great landmarks and one of the best known national parks, Yosemite offers everything you could ask for – waterfalls, cliffs, great forests, and more! There are two miles of paved hiking routes open to owners and leashed dogs. This isn’t quite as much as other parks, but considering it’s Yosemite, it’ll likely still be worth it!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Location: Colorado, Front Range of Rocky Mountains

Benefits: Mountainous trails and campsites for nature-lovers, with dogs allowed in the park too! However, while dogs are welcome in the park, they are restricted from trails and backcountry.

Badlands National Park

Location: South Dakota, Southwest

Benefits: Huge and majestic rocky formations will astound you and your pup! Dogs are allowed on paved and gravel roads, as well as campsites. However, they must always be on a leash and are not allowed on trails or public buildings.

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