Woman hospitalized after being stabbed by her dog

Video: Dog stabs woman in Hudson no really

When a Hudson, Colorado woman was rushed to the hospital Wednesday with a serious stab wound to the arm, hospital staff didn’t quite believe her story about how it happened.

Celinda Haynes explained that her dog, Mia, who was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter, had grabbed a newly sharpened pairing knife in her mouth. Haynes tried offering treats, expecting Mia to drop her “new toy.”

“When [Mia] went over to eat the treat, she ran the knife across my arm and cut a big old gash about four 5 inches long,” Haynes said.

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Hospital staff, suspecting domestic abuse, contacted police to investigate.

“When dispatch said that there was a person who was stabbed by a dog, I had to make sure I heard that correctly,” Johnson said. “Of course, my initial thought was what’s really going on here.”

Video: Stabbing suspect caught by police dog squad

After lots of questions, police found Mia to be the one and only suspect. The lucky dog won’t be charged with any crime.

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