Can I get my dog plastic surgery?

Can I Get My Dog Plastic Surgery?Plastic surgery has gained in popularity over the years. The majority of cosmetic procedures are done to improve self-esteem. Fair enough, but some people are taking this phenomenon further by getting these same procedures done on their dogs!

Canines are man’s best friend but is man a dogs’ best friend? Here we’ll look into justifications for a dog actually undergoing such a procedure. You may be surprised to discover that most of these surgeries for dogs are actually the right thing to do.

There are people who would debate this topic passionately but do they know the facts? Let’s dive into the types of plastic surgery available for dogs and the reasoning beyond them so we can gain a better understanding of this rare but growing need.

Can I Get My Dog Plastic Surgery? Answer: Yes, if medically necessary

The vast majority of plastic surgery carried out on animals is to improve health and quality of life.


Dogs are being treated better now than any other time in history and canine health is a big concern nowadays. Anytime you can improve the quality of life of a dog I am all for it. Some specific situations or conditions where plastic surgery may help a pet dog are covered below.

Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Nose jobs for dogs are probably one of the most popular of such procedures. Humans primarily have it done for cosmetic reasons but some dogs would benefit through improved breathing. If a pet is having trouble breathing through their nostrils, surgery could dramatically improve matters allowing them to become more active. There are many such cases where the owner would tell you it was absolutely a great thing to do for the dog.

Other procedures for dogs include fixing common eye problems. Entropion is a condition whereby the eyelids are turned in, which causes the eyes to water excessively. This condition is annoying and painful for a dog. A surgeon can fix this problem which would help a four-legged friend avoid permanent eye damage if taken care of early on.

All The Wrong Reasons

Sadly, we hear stories of some people getting Botex and/or using silicone wedges on their dogs to fix things like excessive floppiness in ears. Common surgeries also apparently include tail docking and ear cropping for dogs. In Brazil, where plastic surgery is all the rage, lawmakers actually took steps to criminalize cosmetic surgery for pets. Inappropriate cosmetic procedures were being performed on dogs so frequently that something had to be done. It’s totally crazy!

Video: Worst Cases Of Plastic Surgery Obsession

Other people have show dogs and are overly concerned with superficial cosmetics of their prize canines. They think appearance will give them an advantage over other competitive dogs. Since there is a profit motive behind this sad reality, perhaps their judgement is impaired. This is something we strongly disagree with as loving dog owners. Such plastic surgery is totally wrong if done for this selfish reason!

Still other owners, mainly of larger dog breeds, are paying for chin lift procedures to reduce excessive drooling. This is something that shouldn’t really warrant surgery because it doesn’t really improve health.

Standing Up for Dogs

If you know of a place of business that performs reckless plastic surgery on animals without intent to achieve improved health or quality of live please speak out against it. Hopefully you also strongly oppose unnecessary surgical procedures for dogs.

Conclusion on Plastic Surgery

Yes, there are some valid reasons for certain plastic surgery procedures performed on dogs. Such an important decision should only be done to improve quality of life. But to some people, a dog is like a little toy to be paraded around for maximum attention. It’s sad when any dog undergoes plastic surgery because their owner feels it will improve their appearance. This is simply animal abuse. If you are considering plastic surgery for your dog, hopefully it’s for all the right reasons.

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