Can I give my dog a taco?

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Can I Give My Dog a Taco?Giving a dog a taco may seem harmless but you may want to rethink that idea. This food is typically a concoction of questionable ingredients that’s likely inappropriate for your four-legged best buddy.

Tacos contain a variety of spices for seasoning. That, coupled with what’s likely other processed ingredients, makes this type of favorite Mexican food a poor choice for your precious pet dog.

While sharing may not pose the same toxic threat as say, chocolate, it’s still something you shouldn’t feed to your dog. Consider that this zesty meal could easily cause temporary digestive troubles.

Can I Give My Dog a Taco? Answer: Not Recommended

The spices and the multitude of ingredients make it a no-go for canines.

If you do provide this food then make tacos at home. Give your dog ingredients that you have control over. In all likelihood the spices in taco meat will be too strong for your dog’s palate. It’s best if you just stick to quality dog food, no matter how much they are begging for one of your delicious tacos or tortillas.

Of course it’s not hard to find owners that are going to tell you it’s perfectly okay to give your dog a taco. The same kind of owners that will give a dog just about anything because if it doesn’t kill them immediately they deem it okay. We don’t advocate this kind of ownership, and you have to think about your dog’s longevity not just the short term results of what they eat.

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Just Too Many Ingredients

Tacos aren’t terrible but giving so many ingredients together increases the likelihood that a dog would have an adverse reaction. Think about indigestion, diarrhea and vomiting before sharing. If there’s sour cream and cheese on the taco it might be upsetting for your dog. Dogs and dairy typically don’t mix and so you could be in store for some really bad gas later on.

If the tacos have lettuce and tomato on them you might think that your dog is getting some veggies, but they don’t really need vegetables to survive, and therefore the corn or flour taco shell is not really needed either. In fact there’s nothing on a taco that your dog is benefiting from.

Meat’s Good but Not Tacos

Careful if the meat in the taco is heavily seasoned. Dogs typically don’t respond well to overly seasoned foods, whether it’s meat or vegetables. Most animals do not handle spices well. Humans are the only species that seasons its food with herbs and other seasonings to make it taste better.

Healthy Canine Digestion

A dog’s digestive system is not really used to handling so many different food types in one sitting. They are more attuned to having simple meals, as this is what they would be eating if they were left to hunt and eat their own food in the wild.

An Ideal Daily Diet

Your dog will thrive on a consistent diet of a quality dog food, as well as a specially formulated treat just for dogs. It might seem a little boring to us, and we wouldn’t want to eat the same kind of food every day, but a dog really does eat to live, and they are not worried about savoring the flavor, they just need fuel to get them through their day.

Conclusion on Tacos

Don’t get into the habit of feeding your dog tacos. Many of the ingredients are known to be processed. While sharing a small amount of your taco isn’t going to harm your pet dog, we cannot recommend this tasty Mexican food for Fido. Obviously the meat part of a taco is the least harmful for dogs compared to any sour cream, cheese toppings or the shell.

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