Can I give my dog pills?

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Can I Give My Dog Pills?Let’s talk about pills for pets in general. It’s important to know how to provide various medications. Obviously you can’t call a vet every time your dog needs to take vitamins or medicine!

Pills are convenient for people. Syrups and liquid forms of medicines are usually easier to administer to dogs. Many drugs come in capsule or tablet form. They’re easily turned into powdered form as needed.

There are, however, some meds that only come in pill form. Smashing up a pill and mixing the contents into regular dog food is a common method of delivery for canines.

Can I Give My Dog Pills? Answer: Yes, when safe and appropriate

This is a broad topic. The key takeaway is that any medicine should be cleared with a vet before giving it to a precious pet.

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Sometimes you’ll need to provide your dog with allergy pills, antibiotic pills and vitamin supplements. Oral medicine is, by far, the most common treatment form for dogs. Owners should know basic procedures and guidelines for giving medicines. Let’s get into more detail so you can give your dog any type of pill.

How to Give Pills to a Dog

Right handed persons should place their left hand on the top portion of the dog’s head. Use your right hand to hold the pill, between the thumb and index finger. Then, use your left hand’s thumb and index finger to lift your dog’s upper jaw.

As you tilt your dog’s head back, the lower jaw will naturally drop and open up. Place the pill on the base of the dog’s tongue, near the throat area and as far back as possible. Then carefully push the pill down their throat.

After it’s down, immediately close their mouth to encourage your dog to swallow. To confirm, hold and keep your dog’s head tilted back until you’ve observed the pill’s definitely been swallowed.

How to Sooth Your Pooch

Stroke your dog’s neck as soon as you close their mouth. This will help the pill down more smoothly inside their throat. A caressing hand will encourage your dog. They can often sense what you want, somehow.

Giving your dog pills isn’t pleasant. They don’t understand what’s going on. This is especially true if they’re not used to taking tablet or pill medicines.

Do the maneuvers as swiftly and safely as possible. Quick success will be less stressful for both of you compared to several failed attempts.

Pills vs. Capsules vs. Syrup

Once you get the hang of it, oral pills are easier to give than capsules and liquid medicines. When a pill is swallowed by your dog, your task is done almost immediately. Then you’ll just need to closely monitor them.

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Capsules can be given just like pills. You can push them down the throat. Otherwise, take out a capsule’s contents and mix it with dog food. You may find it easier and less intrusive.

Liquid medicines are also not difficult to administer, especially flavored syrups. Puppies not yet accustomed to swallowing pills are often given liquid forms.

Conclusion on Giving Pills

Yes, you certainly can give a dog pills if you know how to do it. Force them down the throat or crush them up and mix with dog food. Obviously correct dosing is absolutely essential and a diagnosis is highly recommended. You are encouraged to browse the website for information about specific meds.

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