Can I give my dog soda?

Can I Give My Dog Soda?Some owners give soda to their dogs. Chances are your best buddy would love a taste of drinks such as Pepsi and Coke. As you probably know, there are good reasons for preventing pets from drinking these popular products.

Canines can get diabetes, a condition when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin. A lot of sweet things, like cola, can contribute to this disease. So soda certainly isn’t an ideal drink for a dog to be consuming.

If your dog got a hold of a can of soda, and drank the whole thing, the worst case scenario is probably vomiting. Such beverages are just too sweet for them. Read more about how bad it is for your dog’s sake.

Can I Give My Dog Some Soda? Answer: Not Recommended

It’s not even good for hydration, it contains too much sugar and there’s no nutritional value whatsoever.

Consumption of too much soda is especially harmful if your pet dog already has diabetes. But even if your dog is healthy, don’t pour them a can of coke as a replacement for water. There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t!

While you may not notice any harmful effects, allowing your dog to drink soda is truly unhealthy for them.

Soda Pop is Really Bad

If your dog doesn’t always like drinking water, soda isn’t the solution. Introducing them to caffeine as well as a cocktail of artificial ingredients is bad dog ownership.

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Soda is loaded up with high fructose corn syrup which is responsible for much of the obesity we see today. There are also too many calories for a pet dog to be drinking, and these calories are complete junk!

Sure, they may run around for hours after getting into a can of soda. Some may view this as a sign they love it which is absolutely the wrong way to think about it. So a lack of side effects doesn’t mean soda is good for dogs.

When you think of the long term, diarrhea isn’t the worst of your dog’s problems in regards to soda. Our opinion is you should never allow it, but at the very least don’t make soda a regular thing!

Baking Soda Warning

While dogs are likely safe if they have a lick or two of some soda, meaning you’ll see no dramatic effects, baking soda is a completely different story. Baking soda is used mostly for baking and can be very poisonous for your dog. Too much can cause muscle spasms and even heart failure.

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If your dog has eaten some baking soda, contact your vet immediately as there’s no time to waste. They’ll suggest what steps you’ll need to take first before rushing them in for professional help if necessary.

Why Water is the Best

Your dog’s health is largely dependent on the nutrition you provide. In that sense, you can understand why soda is awful and water is optimal. Ensure that your dog is healthy and fit over the long term by providing hydration through fresh water.

Any calories should be introduced in the form of what your dog should be eating. Careful with any extra calories in liquid form which means soda pop is out of the question. It takes them away from a healthy routine.

If you are sharing cans of pop on any kind of regular basis, you should reevaluate this!

Conclusion on Soda Pop

While dogs are drawn to sweet things, realistically speaking, soda should be withheld. A splash of Coke or Pepsi on the floor is not something to concern yourself with. The real concern is the development of unhealthy habits. There are so many bad ingredients in soda pop so the answer is quite simple. Provide quality calories to your pet dog and keep them hydrated with fresh water.

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