Can I give my dog table scraps?

Can I Give My Dog Table Scraps?Allowing the family dog to eat table scraps is a topic that’s often hotly debated. It can be difficult not to share as your pet looks up at you. If you know certain foods are safe and nutritious, perhaps you can make exceptions on occasion?

Obviously a simple and consistent diet is best for dogs and table scraps could potentially complicate things. Your pet pooch certainly doesn’t require fancier human meals. In other words, don’t feel guilty about not sharing your leftovers with Fido.

While we cannot imagine eating the same food day after day, dogs aren’t comparing it to their last meal. People turn eating into an event and we naturally want to include our best buddies in some way. At the very least, learn about what table scrap foods are to be avoided.

Can I Give My Dog Table Scraps? Answer: Be selective and only on occasion

Vets will tell you that pet pancreatitis cases increase following Thanksgiving and Xmas feasts.

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Your dog may look desperate, while you sit at the table eating, because they have a keen sense of smell. They also know you are sensitive to their desires. Your dog wants to be included but it’s tough because indulging them with table scraps can lead to begging, or worse since some humans foods aren’t at all appropriate from a health standpoint.

Having a supply of quality canine treats on-hand is the best way to deal with such a dinnertime dilemma.

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Bad Types of Table Scraps

The subject of table scraps is a broad topic but foods you should never feed your pet dog include avocados, onions, too much garlic, grapes, raisins, most dairy products, corn-on-the-cob, pure fat, most types of cooked or raw real bones and foods containing high levels of salt or sugar.

There’s a common misconception that giving a dog, for example, chicken bones is okay but this is unsafe in our opinion. Play it safe and avoid the potential choking hazard. Concerning fat, too much can definitely lead to pancreatic problems.

Some Approved Leftovers

So what is okay to give the family dog from the table? First and foremost is lean meats because canines require, even thrive from, protein from fresh meat. Other than that you should limit other types of table scraps to fresh fruits with no seeds, most types of vegetables with no seasonings, a small amount of bread and perhaps a bit of rice. As much as your dog begs for that steak bone or bacon fat, you should deprive them of it!

Just a Small Taste

If the food in question is safe, giving your pet a taste can’t hurt. That said, you still don’t want to allow your dog to expect such special meals. Once Fido feels entitled to the table scraps treatment, then you have a bad feeding habit to break which can be very difficult. This is why a policy to moderation is so important when it comes to sharing table scraps with your dog.

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Establishing Bad Habits

We cannot stress enough how important it is not to reinforce negative behavior. Unless you want your dog constantly begging while you’re eating, it’s essential to teach them to leave you alone during dinner time. The more you give your dog, the more finicky they may get with their regular food. This is why some owners view sharing of table scraps negatively. It possible your dog will start turning their nose up at their usual chow which is a problem.

Conclusion on Table Scraps

Providing table scraps is something of a conundrum for dog lovers. Obviously you want to withhold foods that can be harmful to your best friend, but limiting the frequency of this common feeding practice should also be considered in order to avoid future begging. So, you can share certain table scraps with your dog but do so in moderation. Lean meats as well as certain fruits and veggies are suitable types of tables scraps that can be of benefit for your beloved dog.

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