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In our practice with pets, we use a homeopathic de-worming combination. We have large facilities and local barns full of horses where the owners are using it with their equine residents as well as their dogs and cats. I used it exclusively on the 36 animals on our farm for 5 years without any symptoms of worms.

It is a combination of:

Gaertner Bach, Abies Can., Abro., and Cina in a low potency like a 3CH.

Conventional dewormers are chemical-based pesticides containing carcinogens and toxins that are harmful, suppressive- also building up in the system over time. By using homeopathic, natural or herbal dewormers, you can seriously reduce your animal’s exposure to toxicity and disease agents as well as helping keep your dog’s immune system healthy and strong.

Also, diet is key as a healthy animal will not become host to unwanted parasites such as worms. As mentioned prior (perhaps see link here), feeding your dog raw, letting go of repeat vaccinations (which I will address next … perhaps see link here) which actually lowers your dog’s healthy immune functioning.   Have his titers checked, as this will indicate that your dog will remain extremely healthy after only one homeopathic immunization, if he’s provided raw food which is species specific nutrition, and if you limit exposure to chemical-based shampoos or cleaning products, road salt on their paws, toys, chewies, toothpaste, or antibiotics or any chemical-based drugs.

Issues that may arise like ear infections, diarrhea or a urinary tract infection for example can easily be addressed homeopathically through a wholistic vet or practitioner familiar with the treatment of animals. The idea is to leave your pup in as naturally pristine condition as possible.

Video: Natural Livestock Dewormer - no harsh chemicals - Deworm Goats Chickens Livestock Dogs etc.

Symptoms of a parasitic infestation may include-

• vomiting
• diarrhea
• weight loss
• voracious appetite with no weight gain
• anemia (low red blood cell count)
• scooting their bum on the carpet or grass
• mild to severe coughing
• scratching at the base of their tail

Video: Holistic, Natural, and Safe de-worming for pets

The types of worms that both dogs and cats can suffer (humans too) are:

• Tapeworm
• Round worm (Ascaris)
• Trichinella (causes trichinosis)
• Strongyloides (Threadworm, Pinworm, and/or Seatworm)

In some rare cases, if the infestation of worms is severe, you may have to treat with the chemical deworming formula then be sure to change your pet’s diet, use homeopathics to address the chemical constituents in the worming formula to clear the toxicity and then vow to be vigilant with probiotics, garlic, turmeric and more natural cures from here on in.

Some other natural deworming remedies are:

• Garlic (1 clove raw, chopped or minced and mixed into their raw food for a 30lb dog)*
• Grapefruit Seed Extract [GSE] (5-10 drops per day mixed into raw food for every 10lbs in weight of your dog. You can also use crushed grapefruit hulls mixed in their food.)
• Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (Small Dogs ½ tsp, Medium Dogs under 50 lbs 2 tsp and Large Dogs more than 50 lbs 1tbsp.)
• Black Walnut Hulls (Limit to one drop per day for a maximum of 2-3 weeks)
• Ground Pumpkin Seeds [Pepitas] or oil or wheat germ oil (Use ¼ tsp of the ground pumpkin seeds or either oils for every 10lbs that your dog weighs)
• Ground Cloves (Use ¼ clove for small dog, ½ clove for medium dog or 1 clove for a large dog per day over a two week span of time)
• Goldenseal (Whether tea or tincture, it is best to start with 1-3 drops per day mixed in their food)

The other aspect that contributes to worms is unresolved anger in their environment. To feel victimized enough to host other errant bacteria or worms has to do with undischarged rage and anger and your pet will take on your frustrations out of love for you and so it is best that this aspect is also addressed in you so that your pet does not have to keep taking this on.

Video: Deworming Cats Naturally: Prevent Roundworms & Tapeworms in Cats

Allyson McQuinn, DHHP, JOAH has been studying natural medicine for over 20 years.  Working as a Physician with both humans and animals in her international practice at Arcanum Wholistic Clinic by Skype and by phone, she is able to effectively prescribe and ship remedies worldwide. 

She has also authored over a dozen books, one of them being “Natural Home Pharmacy For Dogs- How to Use Practical Tips, Homeopathic Remedies, Nutrition, and Training for Your Dog’s Natural Health” available on Amazon.  Allyson’s beloved “Sammy” Terra is just one of many rescued animals she’s treated using natural remedies on her farm.

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