Earth-friendly ideas for dog owners


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Because we all have a duty to do our part in protecting the planet for future generations, choosing to live a “green” life with your pooch is a great route to take. Becoming eco-friendly doesn’t have to be tough. Many online boutiques now offer various organic and environmentally friendly dog products for you to choose from. Preferring these items over synthetic and inorganic ones already play a great role in helping save our planet. Read on for some eco-friendly product ideas to get you started.

Going “Green” With Your Dog

1. Organic Dog Food and Treats. The easiest way to become an eco-friendly dog owner is to find organic dog food and treats for your pet. They are readily available and can be found almost everywhere. Aside from helping save our planet by obtaining products brought about by processes that use less energy, you also contribute in making your dog healthy as ingredients are all natural and pesticide-free.

2. Dog Beds. Opting for an organic dog bed does not mean sacrificing comfort. Many eco-friendly dog beds available in the market today are not only sustainable, but soft and snug as well. Their fabric is made of organic or recycled cottons while the filling is made of recyclable materials like pulverized plastic soda bottles. You know you’ve done your part if you help in diverting plastic from landfills and reducing energy consumption through the use of these eco-friendly dog beds.

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3. Dog Shampoos. Organic dog shampoos are not only safe for our environment but also effective in getting rid of your dog’s dirt without stripping him of his natural oils. Their all-natural ingredients make a mild and gentle cleaning agent that does not result in any harsh reaction to your pet.

4. Dog Clothes. For those of us that dress our dogs, using clothes made of organic cotton is easier on the environment. Bamboo dog tees, for example, are very eco-friendly as bamboo plants supply 30% more oxygen as compared to trees, and remove 30% more Carbon dioxide which offsets global warming. Plus, bamboo trees do not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow.

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5. Dog Toys. Although organic dog toys are a little more difficult to find, they are becoming more popular. Try looking for dog toys made with organic hemp or cotton. They not only help preserve the earth but are safe for your pooch. They are not toxic, and the fibers are not bleached, or processed.

Do you have any more Earth-friendly ideas for dog owners? Share them with us below!

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