3 Signs your german shepherd dog needs more exercise

We all know that German Shepherd Dogs are highly active – it’s part of being a working breed. But that doesn’t mean every Shepherd needs the same amount of exercise.

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I’ve known some German Shepherds that are quite happy as couch potatoes, and if shown a sheep, they would rather go to sleep than start herding it. On the other hand, I’ve known German Shepherds that could go all day and still have energy to spare.

The important thing is to know your own German Shepherd and her needs when it comes to exercise. The following are 3 signs to watch for that let you know your German Shepherd needs more exercise.

Image Source: Marnee Pearce Via Flickr
Image Source: Marnee Pearce Via Flickr

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#1 – Destructive Behavior

One of the most noticeable signs that your German Shepherd has some energy to spare is destructive behavior. This includes chewing your shoes, getting into the garbage, even chasing the cat. Your Shepherd has pent-up energy and she is trying to release it however she can.

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#2 – Nuisance Barking

Another way that energy gets released? Barking. At everything. If your German Shepherd is not usually a barker but all of a sudden is barking at every sound he hears, he could be using it as a way to burn off some steam. Some extra exercise should stop the barking.

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#3 – Pestering You

Just like a little kid whose bored on a rainy Saturday, your German Shepherd may bug you if she needs more exercise. This might include following you around, herding you (many herding dogs will push their nose into your calf or small of your knee), or continually bringing you a toy to try to initiate play. Some may even push themselves into your lap or right in front of your face while you are watching TV or sitting at the computer – a clear “pay attention to me” signal.

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