3 Things your german shepherd dog loves more than anything

Chances are, your German Shepherd Dog does a lot for you every day. Just being there as a companion is enough to make us want to do something special for them in return…which may make you wonder what your German Shepherd really loves to do. All dogs have their own unique personality, but there are some similarities within a breed when it comes to things they find fun or interesting. If you are looking for something your Shepherd might really enjoy, check out these 3 things German Shepherds love more than anything.

Image Source: Oregon State University Via Flickr
Image Source: Oregon State University Via Flickr

#1 – Herding

Bred for herding (well, technically tending), almost all German Shepherd Dogs love to herd. They will herd almost anything – kids, sheep, cats – so giving them an appropriate outlet for this instinct is a good thing. Whether you take lessons for fun or competition, your Shepherd will be in seventh heaven.

#2 – A Job

Live somewhere where herding isn’t an option? German Shepherds love a job – almost any job! So, maybe you do agility, teach him obedience or Canine Freestyle (doggy dancing), or maybe he learns to help with chores around the house or becomes a therapy dog. The great thing about all these is he is doing them with you. Shepherds like the work and the partnership with you that goes along with that job.


#3 – You!

German Shepherds are known as “Velcro dogs.” They are extremely loyal to their people and love to spend time with them. This is a pretty easy way for you to show your German Shepherd some love – just be around them.

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