12 Dogs who met santa clause!

Humans are thrilled to see this season’s celebrity around Christmastime, but our pooches like to get a word–er, bark–in with Kris Kringle, too! Has your puppy been a good boy/girl all year long? Here are twelve pups who want to make sure that they get the gifts they’ve been drooling over come Christmas morning!

And we want to know, would you take your dog to go see Santa??

1. These brothers are so excited, they don’t even know where to look.

“LOOK MOM!! WE’RE SITTING NEXT TO SANTAAAAA!” #canihaveyourpawtograph

2. And this sweetheart knows exactly what to ask for. “Santa, I’ve been a very good girl. All I want for Christmas is my normal ear color back.” #alliwantforChristmas

Video: If Pink Sheep was Santa Claus - Minecraft

3. This eager pup is thrilled to meet Kris Kringle, and can’t wait to tell all her friends!

“NOW I HAVE PROOF!” #pupular

4. And this little peanut can’t withhold her admiration for the Big Man. “Santa…is it really you?” #pawstruck

5. Santa is thrilled to snuggle with this little ball of fluff.

“Does this mean I’m going to get that designer memory foam bed I’ve been asking for?” #willsnuggleforgifts

6. And this regal pup looks like a prince up on Santa’s throne. “I could really get used to this.” #iwantone

7. This handsome Husky looks right at home with Father Christmas.

“I ruff you. And I ruff presents.” #soulmates

8. And this happy fella has definitely made a new friend. “Santa, do you want to be my best friend?” #bestfriendsfurever

9. This one is a teeny bit suspicious of the stranger in the bright red suit.

“Let me get this straight: you come into my house at night? To leave me stuff?” #onchimneyguard

10. And this one is trying to disguise himself as one of Santa’s reindeer. “It’s just me, Donner! So, uh…what’s in the sack?” #impawsonator

Video: Santa Claus and husky dogs in Lapland - huskies with Father Christmas in Finland Rovaniemi

11. So as Christmas approaches, don’t forget…

“Cheese!” #groupshot

12. Dogs love meeting Santa just as much as you do! “Santa! Santa! I know him!” #caninesforkriskringle

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