Bad weather? Here’s how to exercise your dog indoors

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Like humans, dogs need adequate exercise every day to stay in shape. When the weather is bad, outdoor activities like swimming or games of fetch are just impossible. Thank goodness, there are lots of indoor pastimes that you and your pooch can do to have fun, relieve boredom, and get closer to each other despite the harsh weather conditions.

Five Exciting Indoor Activities

1. Chasing laser pointer. Buy a cheap laser pointer and let it flash to and fro on the floor. Watch as as your dog eagerly chases the laser beam back and forth. This will surely get your pup’s heart racing, but we’ve also heard it can drive him crazy. Decide for yourself if you want your dog to play with a laser pointer after you read this article.
2. Running up and down the stairs. Stand atop the stairs and toss a toy down to Fido. When he grabs the object, call his name to bring the toy back to you. Try a few rounds and your pooch will surely be winded.
3. Tackling obstacle courses. Look for objects inside the house that can be improvised to help Fido exercise. Try using cushions to build tunnels for your pooch to navigate or using old hula hoops for him to leap through.
4. Finding treats. Hide some of Fido’s favorite treats around your house maybe underneath rugs or behind doors, and let your pooch track each of these delights down.
5. Running on a treadmill. After helping your dog get comfortable with the device, put him on the treadmill and turn it on the lowest possible speed. Offer treats to keep Fido running on the machine.

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Aside from these fun activities, you can also stimulate your pooch both physically and mentally by playing other games like tug-of-war and hide-and-seek, or teaching him some advanced tricks. For the tug-of-war game, never let Fido’s power and aggressive instinct overpower you. Remember to play it calmly and be aware of the risks. Playing hide-and-seek, on the other hand, can be done by letting Fido look for you while you hide in certain spots around the house. Just give him lots of treats and praises each time he finds you. Finally, advanced tricks like spinning and backing up can be taught for further stimulation and training. These new tricks will fire up his mental faculties and at the same time build up his basic skills while both of you stay indoors.

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