Best dog christmas presents and gift ideas

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Best Dog Christmas Presents and Gift Ideas

Holiday shopping is a lot of fun and really makes you feel great when you get that special someone just what they’ve always wanted. In some cases, that special someone has four legs and a waggley tail, and so you might want to look into some of the best dog Christmas presents as the holiday season approaches.

Shopping for dog Christmas presents can get out of control very quickly because there are so many options on the market today compared to just a few decades ago. But how do you know which products work and what your dog will like?

For a fail-safe perfect holiday experience with your pooch, and to ensure dog Christmas presents will work for your pooch, try one of these tried and proven gifts that are sure to make you and your furry friend very jolly this Christmas. Here’s our list of top 5 best dog Christmas presents and gift ideas.

Top 5 Best Dog Christmas Presents and Gift Ideas

Best Dog Christmas Presents and Gift Idea
Best Dog Christmas Presents and Gift Ideas

#1 – Dog beds

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What dog doesn’t love a plush cozy bed? After a while, dog beds get worn out and they are no longer so plush and cozy. If this is the case in your house, it’s no doubt that your dog would love a new bed from Mr Santa Claus, and this can be one of the best dog Christmas presents.

Try a self-warming bed for an extra bonus. They radiate your dog’s body heat back to its body and can do really great things for older dogs or dogs suffering from arthritis.

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#2 – Grooming supplies

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Most dogs come running when they see you take out the brush. Nothing feels better than a good brushing to a dog, so why not splurge on dog Christmas presents as grooming accessories this holiday? A good dog deshedding tool like the DakPets (see our review of DakPets tool) would come in handy for you, and also help rid your dog of all that unwanted loose hair.

Scented shampoos would also be a nice touch to keep your pet smelling fresh and clean (you can even make a homemade dog shampoo yourself), and if you want to go over the top, you could look into customizing a dog fragrance for your canine companion.

#3 – Chews and chew toys

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If you’ve got a dog that loves to chew, what would be a better gift than some new dog dental chews? Another great option of dog Christmas presents would be some new, unused, not broken dog chew toys. You can never go wrong with holiday themed toys as dog Christmas presents, but this year you could step up your game even more! GoDog Yetis is a soft plush toy with Chew Guard Technology so they can withstand all the tugging and pulling that your dog brings to the table.

If you’re determined to go with a Christmas theme, check out the Orbee Tough Holiday Light Toy. It’s shaped like a Christmas bulb and offers a minty fresh scent. This toy also has a treat slot, it’s made of recycled material, and it’s bouncy. Your dog will have fun with it for days!

#4 – Food bowls

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Your pet’s favorite spot in your house is probably in front of the food bowl, so why not spice it up a little this year with your dog Christmas presents? You could try something fun like Waggo Chalkboard bowls, although they might be more fun for you than your pet.

If you want something that your pet will really get excited about, look into a bowl that automatically feeds them (yes, they do have those!) or a water dish with a built in fountain to keep their water cool and fresh.

#5 – Personalized dog collars

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A new and comfortable collar is just what your dog needs to feel special. Pair one up with some unique personalized dog collars ID tags and you’ll have the perfect dog Christmas presents. You can special order ID tags that represent your favorite sports team or character, or get a simple design that is covered in bling.

You match them with a creative collar like the Puppy Tweets Collar that automatically tweets you when your dog is moving around the house or barking while you’re gone, or The Super Collar, which comes complete with an attached retractable leash. Your pet will be the most stylish dog on the block with one of these dog Christmas presents.

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