Children write notes from shelter dogs’ points of view to help them get adopted

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We absolutely love how children can be so compassionate to animals. Another thing we love about them is how they see the world. They look at the world with innocent eyes, free from stereotyping and discrimination.

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One special education teacher from Chicago had an excellent idea on how to use the children’s innocent view of the world to help dogs at the Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) find loving homes.

The children, whose ages range from about 4th to 8th grade, met the adoptable dogs at the CACC. They also had some background on the dogs through the information cards that contain the details about the dog’s breed mix, energy level, and age. All the children had to do was put themselves in the dog’s position, and from the dog’s point a view, write a note to potential adopters on why they should adopt the dog.

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The results were adorable and heartwarming. The children were able to imagine what it feels like to be a dog living in the shelter.

And with that, they were able to write sweet and adorable notes to potential adopters to convince them to adopt.

One note was lengthy, some were brief, but all were heartfelt. One actually made me tear up after reading it.

The notes were adorned with hearts and smiley faces. But more than that, they were all filled with hope.

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I think this was a brilliant idea to teach the kids about respect and compassion for animals. I sincerely hope the dogs will find a forever home and the children will see the difference they made in the dogs’ lives.

You can read more about this story at BarkPost.

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