Doctors saw this scared dog living in the hospital parking lot and called for help – wait till you see who showed up!

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Hope for Paws has saved another life! They received a call from nurse about a homeless puppy who has been living in the hospital parking lot. The dog was a stray and may have been living in the streets all her life. We all know how roaming in the streets can be dangerous and scary for a little dog.

The people from Hope for Paws tried to rescue the poor dog during the day, but it didn’t work out. But they are not the ones who give up so easily. So they came back at night to try again. Since the dog runs away when she sees them, their best bet is to sneak up from behind to get a hold of her. Watch the video below and see how they rescued this scared little pup.

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Oakley is one beautiful pup, isn’t she? Now she doesn’t have to live on the streets!

Share this video to help find Oakley a loving forever home. And if you’re interested in adopting Oakley, please visit

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