Dog food advisor review – is it reliable?

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dog food adviser review

As a big fanatic of dog products research, and especially dog food brands research for the better health of my canines, I decided to do a Dog Food Advisor review. Yes, the DFA site itself!

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Before I begin my Dog Food Advisor review, let me throw a quick disclaimer in here: I have used DFA’s website occasionally in the past. I am not, in any way, affiliated with the DFA website or its founders and writers. The below article is simply one person’s opinion and is by no means the quintessential assessment of whether you should trust or not the DFA website and all the dog food reviews you find there.

For those who don’t know, Dog Food Advisor is a review site of all kinds of dog food brands. Pet owners who are seeking reliable advice on dog foods and nutrition can meet Dr. Mike Sagman, who is the founder, chief editor and reviewer on Dog Food Advisor site. The man is a retired dentist who lives in Williamsburg, as per his bio page. He mostly reviews dog foods and treats, publishes various product recalls, and explains to dog owners all about the world of dog food labels and how to ensure healthy diet for pets. Dr. Sagman claims that all site’s reviews and opinions are 100% unbiased because he accepts no money and no samples from pet companies.

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According to the about us page, the website of Dog Food Advisor was launched as a passion project sometime in 2007, when Mike Sagman lost his dog to commercial dog food (or that’s the story):

“After that, I made it my personal goal to never again let anything like that happen to a dog in my care. And I I’d like to help you make sure what happened to Penny could never happen to your dog, either.”

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You can read more about Mike Sagman here, and find the website over here.

Before we go any further with researching the healthiest dog food brands with the help of Mr Sagman and his Dog Food Adviser site, always remember that you can make your own natural, healthy dog food at home, as well as many other things for your pooch, such as homemade dog flea shampoo, etc. You don’t necessarily have to buy commercial stuff, even though it’s good to mix and match. Now let’s dive into the Dog Food Advisor review and see what this site is all about.

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