Dog in shelter for 9 years is finally adopted! Watch what he does!

Video: Abandoned dog ‘shuts down’ after being returned to animal shelter by adopted family

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Video: Crying Shelter Dog from Viral Video Gets Adopted, Making Us Cry

It’s hard to even fathom. How could a dog remain in shelter for 9 years without beyond adopted? Thank God this precious pup was kept alive to see the day of his adoption! Not surprisingly, this dog just couldn’t contain his happiness and excitement! And it’s totally understandable, because who wouldn’t be jumping with joy for finally getting adopted after 9 years of being locked up. This dog finally gets his chance to have a loving home, a family who loves and cares for him! That kind of feeling is just beyond words! This dog has a very good reason to run around and celebrate.


Video: Dog In Shelter for 9 Years Is FINALLY Adopted! Watch What He Does!

Awwww…I’m so happy for this doggy! I just hope all the other dogs there get to feel this kind of happiness!


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