Homeless mama pitbull leads rescuers to an abandoned house. Under the foundation they get the surprise of a lifetime.

Angels without wings live amongst us!

Despite the fact that they didn’t really have much money, two kindhearted tenants fed a very pregnant and homeless Pit bull whom they named Sansa, what little food they had. One day, they realized that she had gone underneath the house to give birth to her pups so they quickly called Hope for Paws.

Sansa was already outside with the two concerned tenants when our Hope For Paws Heroes, Lisa and Eldad arrived and quickly approached them when she smelled the food they brought with them. She allowed Lisa to put a lease on her while Eldad went to look for her puppies underneath the house.

Video: We Thought We Were Rescuing One Dog, But We Were In For A HUGE Surprise! Please Share!

All’s well that ends well. As soon as Eldad rescued all 7 new born pups, he and Lisa brought them, along with Sansa, to Bullies and Buddies where the adorable pups were quickly adopted once they were done being nursed by Sansa. As for our Mommy Pit bull, she’s very happy at her foster home and is looking forward to having her own parents and living in her forever home, one day soon. Please do share the video so that Sansa’s dream will soon be realized!

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