Mama dog gives birth inside a college campus, now she & her puppies need a home

Video: Watch Momma Dog Care For Her Litter of 19 Puppies Right After Giving Birth

Hope For Paws received a call about a mother dog who gave birth inside a college campus. The new mama gave birth to three puppies.

Video: Amazing Boxer and her Puppies

When Eldad and Lisa of Hope For Paws got to the area, they saw the mother hiding in between a trench and a chainlink fence. When they tried to approach, the mother dog got scared of the rescuers so she tried to run away. Thankfully, Eldad managed to get a hold of her. The poor dog was so scared that she even tried to bite her rescuers. But she calmed down when they sat with her and patted her head for a few minutes.

Source: Hope For Paws - YouTube
Source: Hope For Paws – YouTube

When they got her pups, they noticed that one of them has hydrocephalus.

Watch the video below and see the rescue of this homeless family.

Precious little Ivy had to be humanely put down because she was in agonizing pain.

But we’re glad that Dottie and her two babies, Pumbaa and Timon, are safe and cared for at their foster home.

Source: Hope For Paws - YouTube
Source: Hope For Paws – YouTube

If you would like to adopt Dottie, Pumbaa, and/or Timon, visit

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