Nasa astronaut’s official photo with 2 dogs

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NASA Astronaut`s Official Photo With 2 Dogs

Leland Melvin, an American astronaut, was recently becoming more famous not for his achievements with NASA but rather the fact that his official NASA portrait shoot involved two dogs: Jake and Scout.

It looks like after astronaut Melvin has put on his orange suit, he sneaked in two of his own dogs named Jake and Scout, but nobody seemed to mind. The photo session for NASA’s official portraits seemed to go without any complications, and the photos involving charismatic and happy dogs turned out absolutely great.

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NASA Astronaut`s Official Photo With 2 Dogs

Some sources report that Leland Melvin received some help for his amazing plan, apparently from a fan in Washington state, Mark Carey. Right now, photos of Leland and his dogs are going viral, and are especially retweeted by dog lovers and those proud to see canines in an official NASA photoshoot for the very first time.

“You have the best astronaut photo!” said Mark Carey on Twitter.

NASA Astronaut`s Official Photo With 2 Dogs

Melvin put on his bright orange spacesuit and sneaked in his two dogs, Jake and Scout, to the photo session that produced his official NASA portraits, the Houston Chronicle reported. Funny thing is, he didn’t circulate the photos on the Internet. Someone did that for him. Apparently it was a fan, a bloke named Mark Carey who lives in Washington state. Melvin is also a host of a Lifetime show Child Genius. Send him some love on Twitter at @Astro_Flow.

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