Owners refused to give up hope on their dog–then this happened!

For any newly married couple, a honeymoon is a truly special time that is often one of the happiest experiences in life. When this couple returned home from their blissful vacation, suddenly their life changed in an instant. Their Doberman, Athena, was lifeless, unable to move her limbs. They immediately took her to the veterinarian where she was diagnosed with severe Wobblers Syndrome–a neurological disease that renders a dog’s limbs useless. The vet told the couple that the diagnosis was bleak, and that if Athena didn’t walk again within the next 3 months, than likely she would never walk again.

The couple cared for their dog with undying devotion, and as the months went by still nothing changed. Then, after 4 moths, Athena defied all odds. Watch this amazing video that proves sometimes in life, you should never give up because you never know what might happen next:

Video: A family sold their house, moved away, and left the dog behind. Please share.

Such a beautiful story! Those owners should pat themselves on the back for giving Athena the love and strength she needed to make a full recovery. Share Athena’s story to spread the powerful message about never giving up!

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