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Video: CheckUp Kit At Home Wellness Test for Dogs Review

If your dog has a health condition or is getting up in years, you may be concerned about her health from time to time. Sometimes it is worth a trip to the vet and other times it costs you $150 to hear that your dog is fine and her problems are just a sign of aging. How do you know when something is truly wrong? You may want to keep this at-home urine test for dogs in your cupboard for just such an occasion.

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This test isn’t going to give you any definitive answers, but it can help you tell if something is wrong. There are certain dog health symptoms that shouldn’t wait to be checked out by a veterinarian, but others could signal an emergency. If your dog seems to be acting strange, isn’t eating or drinking normally, or is exhibiting odd behaviors a trip to the vet may be in order.

You know a trip to the vet will cost at least $100, so you hate to take your Fido in for every little thing. What if it’s something that will go away on its own? What if she’s just a little run down and needs some extra rest? With this CheckUp Kit for dogs from Kit4Vat Veterinary Products, you’ll know right away if your dog is just a little over tired or there is something else going on.

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CheckUp Kit At Home Wellness Test for Dogs Review

CheckUp Kit At Home Wellness Test for Dogs Review

We all know what a urine test is, but I’m sure none of us are eager to catch our dog’s urine in order to have the test done. That’s where Kit4Cat’s CheckUp Kit makes things easy. It comes with everything that you’ll need to collect the sample and test it without getting any on yourself.

CheckUp KitIn my video review you can see that this kit comes with a telescoping pole that attaches to a sturdy metal ring. You can easily screw the ring onto the end of the pole and this device will hold the sample cup so you don’t have to worry about getting urine on your hands.

Once you’ve collected the sample, you need to use the included pipette to fill the vial at least 3/4 full. The pipette is very small. It took me 6 full pipettes to fill the vial. It would be nice if the pipette were a bit bigger so you only needed to do it once. This definitely isn’t a deal breaker though.

CheckUp Kit At Home Wellness Test for Dogs Review

This kit comes with two test strips. As you’ll see in my video, there are four small test squares on one end of the strip.

You need to dip this part of the strip into the urine and hold it there for 2 seconds. You should notice a color change on the squares within seconds of removing it from the urine.

Inside the top of the box there is a convenient results card. You can place the strip in the designated area on the card and wait for the results. This CheckUp Kit can test for glucose, protein, nitrite and blood levels in your pet’s urine.

Glucose, protein and nitrites can be detected in 30 seconds, and blood will be detected in 60 seconds.

If necessary, there is a stopper for the vial. You can keep your dog’s urine in the refrigerator until you can get an appointment to see your veterinarian. You’ll notice in my video review that the top didn’t stay on my vial very well. Again, not a deal breaker but certainly a bit inconvenient. This may just be an issue with the stopper that came with my kit, however, so don’t assume that you’ll have the same problem.

You can purchase one of these CheckUp Kits on Amazon for only $12, making them a much more affordable option compared to a trip to the vet.

Summary of CheckUp Kit At Home Wellness Test for Dogs Review


  • Non-invasive CheckUp Kit
  • Stress free way to collect a urine sample without getting it on your hands
  • Allows you to easily collect an uncontaminated sample
  • Easy assembly
  • Results for 4 tests in less than 1 minute
  • Affordable


  • Pipette is very small
  • Top of vial did not stay on

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