Shelter dog can’t help but smile on his freedom ride home with new nfl player dad

Following the recent news of a former NFL player’s incarceration for starving his dog to death, we are thrilled to share this NFL player’s amazing example of helping and loving shelter animals!

(In fact, as far as pup-loving football players go, it looks like he is in good company.)

Cleveland Browns running back Terrell Watson posted this post-adoption selfie of both player and pit bull smiling from ear to ear. It looks like the two-year-old pup, who Watson renamed Dexter, couldn’t be happier to be on his way to his forever home!

Watson made the decision to adopt a new pooch after the recent passing of his dog and best friend, Koda. “I woke up this morning and my apartment was to quiet and there was no one to wake me up this morning having to go to the bathroom. So today I went to @clevelandpitties and adopted this loving, playful boy, joyful boy! Meet Dexter my new best friend,” he posted on Instagram.

City Dogs Cleveland shelter was thrilled to share a picture of the happy pair on Facebook, explaining how the athlete had found Dexter (then named Declan) on Google. Upon meeting the pup in person, he fell in love immediately. “We have already received a text from Terrell that Declan is ‘perfect,`” City Dogs Cleveland posted.

Dexter is one lucky puppy! It looks like the two are a match made in Heaven. RIP to beautiful Koda, and best of luck to new pals Dexter and Watson.

Follow Terrell Watson on Instagram @terrellwatson38 to see more photos of of he and Dexter’s adventures to come!

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