Stray dogs are bonded by love, watch as big brother protects little sister during heartwarming rescue

Video: Big Brother Takes His 10-Year-Old Sister Dying of Cancer To School Dance

If you haven’t heard of the amazing team at Hope for Paws, they are a husband and wife duo in California that make it their mission in life to save dogs living on the streets, and work diligently to find them loving, forever homes. Recently the team received a call about two stray poodles living under a freeway, buried deep in the sewer. The two dogs were living off of scraps or whatever food people left for them, their curly coats dingy and severely matted. The couple crawled into the sewer to rescue the dogs, and as you can see, the big brother protects little sister from the strange people who enter. The dogs are both very afraid of human contact, and the Hope for Paws team works hard to gain their trust and let them know that they are safe. You have to see their stunning transformations, not only physically, but in the way these dogs become happy and affectionate with humans. Just incredible! Take a look!

Video: Dog Rescues Sister from Toy Snake Attack! Cute Dogs Maymo & Penny

If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what does! Let’s help Pepsi and Cola find loving, forever homes together! These two dogs were meant to be together forever, just look at them play with one another. Share their story and/or contact the if you are interested in adopting the pair.

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