Surrendered dogs lost their will to live until they were reunited once again

Just like humans, dogs need family and friends. And when their family and friends are away from them, they miss them too. That’s why they look sad when we leave the house, and they’re so happy and excited to see us when we come home.

Video: Dog Best Friends Refuse To Eat or Move In Shelter Until They Were Reunited

The 2 dogs in the video below were surrendered by their owner at a California animal shelter. The dogs were placed in separate kennels. The staff observed that ever since the dogs were at the shelter, they haven’t move or eaten. After they were surrendered by their owner, they were clearly depressed. The staff realized that the pups may need each other for support, so they reunited the two and placed them in the same kennel. And when they did that, everything changed!

Watch the video below for the full story!

Video: A Hope For Paws Boy & Dog Reunion After Oklahoma Tornado Rescue

These dogs needed each other for comfort and support.

According to Inside Edition’s YouTube video description, these two are now placed in a rescue where they will get the medical attention they need and will be up for adoption. Hopefully they will be adopted together as well.

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