Teen who just had his wisdom teeth pulled admits he’d choose his dog over his mom

There is no shortage of videos of people on their rides home from having their wisdom teeth pulled. While they’re often pretty hilarious to us, they can be quite embarrassing for the subjects! If you’ve had your wisdom teeth pulled, you may have even been subject to a painful video of your own. Who knows what any of us might say right after anesthesia.

Well, in this video, one mom finds out exactly what’s on her son’s mind. Unfortunately, she probably didn’t get the answer she was hoping for! But that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy this video for what it is. This young man really loves his dog and it’s very endearing to hear the adoration he has for his canine companion. Lincoln, his dog, definitely has an awesome life!

This poor young man really wants to have his dog around for a long time and thankfully it sounds like Lincoln is here to stay. This video probably isn’t quite as funny as his mom thought it would be, but maybe this is what she gets for trying to videotape her recovering son!

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