What is dogs trust uk?

What is Dogs Trust UK

I’m an American, but have recently visited the UK and naturally explored their take on dog ownership. I’m now officially an avid supporter of the Dogs Trust UK, and would like to talk a little about them and show you why I believe they stand out from the rest of dogs welfare charities from around the globe.

What is Dogs Trust UK?

Dogs Trust is an animal welfare charity based in the United Kingdom. Their primary focus is the well-being of dogs.

We never destroy a healthy dog.

Their reason and motto is self explanatory. They never put a healthy dog down, which in itself is one of their main company slogans. Formerly known as the National Canine Defence League, the Dogs Trust was founded in 1891. Their mission was to rehabilitate and re-home stray and unwanted dogs.

Going from small beginnings, the Dogs Trust now boasts a list of 18 re-homing centres across the UK and Ireland, including a Dogs Trust Sanctuary in Salisbury, aimed at dogs who prefer not to live with humans. For more information on the brilliant work of The Sanctuary, please follow the link.

So why the Dogs Trust?

It isn’t just about re-homing unwanted dogs. Let me talk you through some of the things Dogs Trust UK can offer.

1. Subsidized neutering

If you are in receipt of certain types of government benefits, Dogs Trust will pay a subsidy towards Vets’ fee’s to have your pet neutered. This can help with numerous problems.

A neutered dog is quite often far happier than a dog that hasn’t been neutered as it can help calm some dogs down in their temperament. It also will help to keep down the number of unwanted stray dogs or puppies.

2. Education officers

Dogs Trust Education Officers regularly take part in holding presentations and informational events at schools across the country.

These are wonderful events that are as informative as they are fun. Children are educated regarding responsible dog ownership in all aspects of safety around dogs, and best of all, these events are free! It is a wonderful way for children to learn the correct way to love and care for a dog.

3. Hope project

This is offered to people who are homeless whist having their canine companion with them.

The Hope Project offers preventative veterinary treatment and care to help ensure a safe and healthy life for the dog. This could include flea and worming treatments, neutering and micro-chipping and they even have a directory of dog friendly hostels.

4. Freedom project

Offered in London, Yorkshire and Hertfordshire, this service is literally a life-line for some people.

It is a fostering service for people who have found themselves in a situation where they need to leave the family home because of domestic violence. It is often a reason cited by victims of domestic violence, that they wish to leave their situation but feel they cannot due to having no-where to take their pets too.

The Freedom Project offers temporary fostering options where the owner will be able to leave their pet in a safe and loving environment until they are in a better position to be able to take care of them again themselves.

5. Helping overseas

By offering their expertise and training to staff running animal rescue charities overseas, Dogs Trust help and support these charities to provide the best possible care and practices for animals in their care.

Video: Dogs Trust Documentary - Episode 1

Dog owner’s opinion

In my opinion, Dogs Trust really do care about their dogs.

Their website is packed with information for every area in a dogs’ life. From grooming and exercise to feeding and behaviour in our dogs, the Dogs Trust are there for every occasion. Their knowledge and care for our canine companions is evident to see. So much so that they are often consulted by the Government regarding issues relating to dog ownership.

Being a true charity, the Dog’s Trust rely on donations from the public to give them the ability to continue the great work they do for our canine friends every day of the year.

dogs trust uk


Of course, re-homing a dog is a wonderful thing to do (especially if you take a preloved dog), and with 18 re-homing centers across the UK, you are certain to find one in your area. However, you may not be in a position to give the dog a home yourself. Instead, you may like to sponsor that dog, or maybe even multiple dogs.

This is a great thing to do that benefits not just the dog that you sponsor, but all the dogs in the care of the welfare charity company. Plus, you will of course receive lots of lovely goodies from your sponsored pooch several times a year.

Giving donations is a wonderful thing indeed as so many dogs need the love and care that the Dogs Trust can offer. But there is also one more other way you can help the Dogs Trust to continue the great work that they do…

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Dogs Trust Gift Shop

Everyone has that one family member who we find it so difficult to find suitable gifts for when necessary.

Did you know that the charity have a very reasonably priced online gift shop for all your canine (and human) gift goodies? It might not be the kind of lowest prices on dog products offered by Amazon, but have a look at their fantastic Dogs Trust Gift Shop website, and know that money from every sale goes towards helping them continue the fantastic work that they do.

The Dogs Trust is a wonderful, trustworthy charity that really cares about their dogs and stand by their word. They never put a healthy dog down. But remember their other motto too.

A dog is for life – not just for Christmas.

Video: The Dogs Trust - How To Adopt A Dog

For any further information or to have a look at more of the great work that they do, please visit their main Dogs Trust website.

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