Would you give your dog a prescription to help with noise sensitivity?

Would You Give Your Dog A Prescription To Help With Noise Sensitivity

Our boxer, Chloe, is frightened of loud noises. Gunshots and fireworks will send her into hiding. She usually heads for my bedroom or our bathroom. She’ll pace, pant and tremble for 20 minutes or so before she finally comes back out to join our household again.

We’ve tried a lot of treatments to help Chloe, but they’ve all been natural. I don’t feel comfortable giving our dogs unnecessary prescription medications. I know some of you may disagree and feel that this type of medication is necessary because it adds to Chloe’s quality of life.

While that is true, we’ve gotten good results from a few of the natural remedies, so I don’t find prescription medications a necessity in this case. Sileo is the first, and currently the only, FDA-approved treatment for dogs with noise aversion. I’m also nervous about trying prescription products that are new to the market.

Would You Give Your Dog A Prescription To Help With Noise Sensitivity

I know test trials are done before the products are released to the public, but sometimes certain side effects aren’t realized until the patient has been on the drug for a long period of time. In general, we tried to avoid prescription medications unless absolutely necessary for the health of our pets.

We’ve used natural products, but we also do a few things around our home to make things easier for Chloe. As soon as a thunderstorm begins, or any other noise that I know will set off Chloe’s anxiety, I turn on the television or the radio and close all the windows. I also find that closing the curtains helps too.

Would You Give Your Dog A Prescription To Help With Noise Sensitivity

Chloe always seems to go to our bedroom or bathroom anyway, so I lead her in there and sit with her. I talk calmly to her and scratch her favorite spots to try and help distract her. Of course, things like this can’t be done all the time. Sometimes these things happen when we’re not at home or when I’m unable to spend 30 minutes sitting in the bathroom with her.

We do the best we can, and I always try to use the natural products that we’ve found if I know an event is coming (like fireworks or thunder). These things work well enough for us, and I just don’t see the need for a prescription medication. I know some dogs suffer from noise aversion that is much more severe than Chloe’s.

What do you think? Would you try Sileo to help your dog? I’d love to hear your opinion and please share your pet’s story. I know many dog owners will likely disagree with me, but I’m interested to hear others’ opinions. Please be respectful and leave your comments below.

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