This dog matchmaker can find the perfect pup for you!

There are as many different lifestyles as there are dogs breeds: active and outdoorsy, hunkered-down homebodies, multi-child families, and so many more.

And there are thousands of dogs available for adoption- just browsing online can be overwhelming! So how do you know which hound will fit best in your home?

Enter: Sarah Brasky, the Dog Matchmaker. Based in NYC, Brasky has clients fill out a questionnaire. With personal connections to dozens of area shelters–including her own Foster Dogs NYC–the matchmaker consults clients for two weeks, sending them information on mutt matches and guiding them along the adoption process.

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Image: Marshall Boprey

“Every match I facilitate holds a special place in my heart. I have assisted nearly fifty families and individuals through their adoption process since 2011,” says The Dog Matchmaker on her website.

Brasky says that even as a child, she knew that helping shelter dogs was her calling.

“Growing up, I became my community’s go-to dog expert, and have now expanded that reach to the New York City area,” she told iHeartDogs.

“Too many dogs are euthanized unnecessarily due to a mere lack of space in shelters. If there’s no space in shelters, and there are too many adoptable dogs, why not remind people about adoption, rather than purchasing from a breeder or pet store?” she added.

Image: Milla Chappell
Image: Milla Chappell

We asked Sarah if she thought the world would benefit if one day, her matchmaking services were available in more places- she thought that it would be “fabulous.”

“Adoption can be a scary or overwhelming experience for people who might have never adopted in the past, or people who have a specific idea of what they want in a dog. With more education, promotion, and a friendly approach, we will win over more potential adopters!” she said.

This brings up a good point. Perhaps if factors like stress, confusion, and uncertainty were taken out of the adoption process, more people would be able to find the “perfect” dog. (Sarah points out that with education, people can “remain aware that no dog is perfect and there are going to be ups and downs, just like any new housemate.”)

The math is simple: the more dog-human matches that are made, the less pups are left in shelters!

Image: Robert Stoetzel, Dog & Co.

And as far as a fulfilling career, Sarah Brasky has found it. “Making a successful match is simply the best feeling!” she told us, adding that many match stories remain near and dear to her heart. Here’s a recent one:

Lily is a senior in college with some physical limitation, and wanted to adopt a potential service dog with my help.
It’s not always easy to find a dog that “fits the bill” to become a service dog or therapy dog, especially when other factors (size, shedding, age) are in play. Lily needs a small dog who will be able to travel with her by plane, who is friendly with people and animals, who doesn’t shed much, and who is playful yet sweet and gentle.

I had my work cut out for me! Out of my small selection of adoptable dogs, there was one Yorkie mix who stood out: a handsome little friendly adult non-shedding dog, coming to NYC from a Miami shelter.

Video: Pet Matchmaking Service Will Find You Your Perfect Pet ft. David So

Lily and I met her new buddy on the day he arrived from the shelter, and it was love at first sight. He was even cuter and kinder than she imagined, and it brings me so much joy to help someone who might not otherwise have adopted, let alone considered an adult dog , and ending up finding her a perfect match.
Special thanks to Sarah Brasky for letting us share her story!
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