Dogs take owner’s truck on a joyride – right into a river!

Video: Two Dogs Take Owner's Truck on Joyride

A pair of mischievous pups are seriously in the dog house after carjacking their owner’s truck and taking a joyride, right into a river bed.

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When the dogs’ owner, Scott of Tulsa, Oklahoma, left Roscoe, a Labrador Retriever, and Luna, a Border Collie, in his truck for just a few minutes while he ran into a friend’s home, the pair knocked the truck into gear and rolled down a hill, over a busy street and jogging trail, before finally coming to a stop on the bed of the Arkansas River.

A couple of skateboarding kids saw the truck begin rolling down the street and tried to catch up, but could only watch as the truck rolled more than 3 blocks down a hill, narrowly avoiding cars and pedestrians in its path.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they found the battered truck on the edge of the river, Roscoe and Luna peering sheepishly out the window.

Both dogs were unharmed, but the truck didn’t fare so well.

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Scott told Fox 23: “It’s an expensive joy ride.”

The Tulsa Police Department released the joyriding dogs without pressing charges. 🙂

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