Rescuing bethany: a sick, homeless dog’s inspirational journey

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Bethany must have known immediately that she was safe in the arms of Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws and her rescuer along with Annie Hart of Bill Foundation. Photo courtesy of Bill Foundation.

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“If ever there was rescue that could remind us not to judge a book by it’s cover, this is it. Bethany’s story reminds us all that sometimes books are damaged, or ill cared for, or simply show wear from their owner treating them poorly. It does not mean that the pages within are not inciteful, poignant and full of magic. And these books, like an innocent life, should never be thrown away because they are not beautiful to the eye.” – Annie Hart, Bill Foundation

Two months ago, we shared the photo to the right, of Eldad Hagar, from Hope for Paws, on the day that he and Annie Hart, of Bill Foundation, rescued a very sick, homeless little girl from the streets of Los Angeles. Since her photo was posted, the little girl whom they named Bethany, has touched the hearts of millions with her remarkable perserverance, her enduring spirit, and her will to survive despite all the odds stacked against her.

Video: Rescuing Bethany - a sick, homeless dog's inspiring transformation

It was through hard work and dedication of Hope for Paws and Bill Foundation that this inspirational little girl has transformed into the beautiful, healthy, and strong companion that she is today.

Just try to watch the video below of her amazing transformation without tears in your eyes:

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Bethany is now healthy and happy and looking for her perfect forever home and the long, loved life that she deserves.

Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation teamed up to make this very special rescue possible. Please visit and LIKE their Facebook pages at the links below, and consider a donation to support their efforts in saving the lives of Bethany and the thousands of homeless and abused animals just like her.

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