Watch: dog sobs with relief when she’s finally rescued from well

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When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue center, animal hospital, and sanctuary for street animals in India, received a call that a dog had fallen deep into a well in a village outside of Udaipur, they didn’t hesistate to rush to her aid. What they didn’t expect, however, was the incredible reaction the little dog they’ve named Ruby would have to their arrival.

Ruby had falled more than 50 feet down a well where she became trapped and helpless with no way out. When Ruby realized she was being rescued, she sobbed and cried with relief.

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Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited described Ruby’s rescue on Facebook:

We have no idea how Ruby could have survived this incredibly long fall. From the bottom of a 50 foot hole (a dry well) rose up the most plaintive cries for help. When our rescue crew arrived she literally sobs she’s so beside herself with emotion, as if she needed to share behind tears the whole of her terrible ordeal, the fear she must have felt while falling, the disastrous realization that she couldn’t get out…and above her, she weeps almost in disbelief, may be–…yes–it is help! Watch the strain on our rescuer Ganpat’s face in the final moments before Ruby is lifted from his shaking arms after he is rope lifted some 50 feet.

Miraculously, Ruby was not injured in her fall.

For more information about Animal Aid Unlimited or the incredible work they do for all animals in India, click here.

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