Paris hilton buys $13,000 pomeranian puppy

Video: Paris Hilton tongue kisses her $13,000 teacup Pomeranian puppy while out in New York

The $13,000 Pomeranian purchased by Paris Hilton via Betty`s Teacup Yorkies.

The $13,000 Pomeranian purchased by Paris Hilton via Betty’s Teacup Yorkies.

It’s so very frustrating when a celebrity not only misses a huge opportunity to advocate for animal rescue, but also goes far off the deep end in the opposite direction.

Such was the case on Friday when Paris Hilton plunked down five figures for a Pomeranian puppy from a breeder in Calgary who not only breeds her own pricey pups, but also connects buyers with high-end breeders out of Korea, which is reportedly where Hilton’s new baby, a 5-month old Pomeranian origincally named Mr. Amazing, was shipped in from.

Video: RE: Paris Hilton Correctly Spent $13K on “World’s Smallest Pomeranian”

Hilton has tasked fans with helping her rename the tiny pup who stands only about one-and-a-half inches tall.

Video: Paris Hilton Playing With Her Puppies

Think Paris’ extravagant puppy purchase won’t cause a spike in lavish puppy sales? Just moments after the star tweeted about her new puppy, the breeder’s website crashed as a result of the influx of traffic.

The breeder, Joanne Pauze of Betty’s Teacup Yorkies, is already in talks with Hilton about purchasing more puppies, including one of her own tiny Yorkies.

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