Taurus (april 21 – may 21)


Ever wondered what the alignment of the stars and planets have to say about your dog? The astrologers at Mystic Dog Newf have compiled this peek into your dog’s zodiac sign and what it means for his demeanor and his life’s path. Read on to learn more about your Taurus dog’s horoscope.

Your Dog’s Horoscope: Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

•Sign of The Bull
•Ruling Planet – Venus
•Most Desirable Qualities – Kind-hearted,
•Stubborn, Steadfast
•Talent – Singing
•Physical Characteristics – Powerful build and naturally large
•Lucky Day – Friday
•Most Harmonious Signs – Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer

The Sign of the Bull is characterized by inner strength and determination (some call this stubbornness). Your tenaciousness will eventually get you what you desire whether it be playing hide and seek or fetching the ball and those around you learn early that you are not one to be ignored.

Always in a hurry, you do everything at top speed and will zing through the yard and into the house and out and back again before anyone can follow. You are happiest in the country and city life is hard for you since you suffer from claustrophobia.

Your ruling planet, Venus, the goddess of love, endows you with loyalty and affection, but you will not fall in love easily. When in love you are devoted.

Your greatest fault (I know you didn’t think you had any) is your inability to get along peacefully with other dogs. Your nervous energy sets the tone and the turf war begins. Distance should be your mantra.

But your greatest love is your love of singing (well not everyone calls it that!) Your early attempts will surprise some, but once encouraged your talent grows. And you don’t wait for a full moon either. Radio, TV, someone humming, a group of revelers or carolers and you instantly become engaged. Your family would do well to be musically inclined since your inner contentment comes from the songs in your heart.

What a year you have coming! As long as you do not try to hasten the normal tempo of events there are many promising possibilities for making personal gains, extra treats and rewards and an abundance of affection. Don’t ponder life too much instead devote yourself to those moments that make each day worthwhile (a nap, the warmth of the sun, a cozy fire).

Your lucky number is 9 and this year will be fine for health, friends and happiness, but please give special attention to your ears.

Video: Special - Taurus Birthday Tarot-scopes for 21 April - 21 May 2016 by Cathy The Empress Tarot.

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