Bo lands the cover of the white house christmas card

Video: Bo Inspects the 2012 White House Holiday Decorations

Inspired by a 2010 photo of then 4-year old First Dog, Bo up to his knees in snow, the palatial White House behind him, an Iowa painter, Larassa Kabel painted the image that now adorns the White House Christmas cards for 2012.

The original painting is in oil, stunningly painted on a 14″ by 18″ board, and is entitled “Bo in the Snow.”

“Bo in the Snow” 2012 Oil on board 14″ x 18″ Artist: Larassa Kabel

Video: Bo Obama Inspects White House Holiday Decorations

The artist, Larassa Kabel graduated in 1992 fro Iowa State University with Honors and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. One quick look through her amazing portfolio, and the viewer is immediately pulled in, enchanted by her ability to create such lifelike detail, drawn into the emotional connection to each brush stroke. With such an amazing, unique skill, it’s no surprise that “Bo in the Snow” caught the First Lady’s attention.

People Magazine reported, the Portuguese Water Dog’s paw print signature sits right along Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia’s signatures inside the card, under the Presidential seal.

Video: Christmas Cards from the White House

The First Dog’s appearance on the White House Christmas card is nothing new to the Obamas. Last year, the 2011 card featured Bo curled in front of a fireplace, in a Normal Rockwell-esque style painting of a White House hearth, decorated for the holidays.

All politics aside, the White House Christmas card is a historical memento, meant to be cherished. And, with America’s First Dog, Bo, on its cover, there’s no doubt this year’s card will be.

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