Nickelodeon star allegedly kills one dog, nearly sets fire to another

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After dousing her dog in gasoline, Bynes rushed to a nearby liquor store to rinse the pup.

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Once a rising child star, an all-American good girl with a squeaky-clean image on a path to super-stardom, Amanda Bynes seemed to have everything going for her- a loving family, her own hit tv show, The Amanda Show at the age of 13, and starring roles in several blockbuster films.

But, in recent months, Amanda Bynes, 27, has surrounded herself with controversy as her life crumbles around her. Whether a symptom of drug abuse or a psychotic break, the former Nickelodeon star is now headed down an entirely different path. From Twitter rants and verbal abuse, to vehicular crimes and drug charges, Bynes’ good girl image is more than shattered.

While it’s heartbreakingly sad to see such a beloved star self-destruct in the public eye – the constant attention on the former Nickelodeon star only seems to fuel her fire – it’s an entirely different situation when her actions become dangerous to others.

Now, amid reports that Bynes doused her tiny Pomeranian in gasoline and lit the dog (and herself) on fire, a friend of the star has stepped forward alleging that Bynes is also responsible for the death of her previous dog.

Last week, the troubled star was detained by police and put on a psychiatric hold after allegedly starting a fire in the driveway of an elderly neighbor’s home in Thousand Oaks, California. During the unexplained arson, Bynes doused a driveway, herself, and her dog in gasoline before lighting the fuel. Immediately after igniting the blaze, Bynes snatched up the gasoline-soaked Pomeranian, rushed her into a nearby liquor store and began rinsing her off in an employee sink before “freaking out” and leaving. She was shortly thereafter detained by police.

The following video shows Bynes’ frantic attempt to wash off her dog at a nearby liquor store:

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Amanda Bynes — Scrambled to Save Gasoline-Soaked Dog After Driveway Fire

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When news of the fire broke, a former friend of Bynes’, model Ana Rivera, has come forward with further disturbing allegations. According to Radar Online, Rivera was “not surprised at all” that Bynes had put herself and her dog in danger.

Rivera told Radar Online, “I was really concerned when she got that dog for its safety, as the last Pomeranian she had in Los Angeles that she let just wander away and it fell off the cliffs in Hollywood Hills.”

For now, the Pomeranian involved in last week’s fire is alive and safe with Bynes’ parents, Lynn and Rick while the couple apply for conservatorship of their troubled daughter. Bynes’ is currently being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold and evaluation.

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