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Dear Cesar,

I have a nine-month-old, 100 lb puppy who I walk every single day for the amount of time you recommend in your new book. My problem is he is getting to know a lot of people in my neighborhood and now every time I pass someone I know on a walk, he insists on stopping and walking with them and refuses to go at my pace... even if I start to run ahead.

I have tried every style of collar I can find, including choke and pinch collars, and the upside-down leash that I`ve seen you use many times on your show.` Whenever we walk somewhere new, he is fine and does not react to strangers and just passes by.` He knows that I am pack leader - that is until someone we know is around.` How can I get him to snap out of it and continue at my pace when we encounter familiar people?

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Matt K.

See Cesar Millan`s answer:

Dear Matt,
When you pass by your friends,` what is happening is that your dog is attracted to their familiar scents.` In order to redirect the behavior, you need to change those scents.` `To do this, get a bag of nice-smelling treats, available at most major pet stores.` Avoid dry treats, because sometimes dogs are less interested in their smell.` Put the scent in front of your dog`s nose, so that he knows you have the food. Then, as you walk away from your friend, give him a treat. Make him work a little harder for each treat.` Give him the first when he walks 10-15 feet away, then the next when he walks 5 feet more, then an additional 5 feet, and on and on until you complete the whole trip.` Eventually, the only time he gets a treat is when he arrives at home.`

Stay calm and assertive,
Cesar Millan

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