Can I give my dog lunesta?

Can I Give My Dog Lunesta?You may be considering a leftover Lunesta prescription for your dog’s sleep issues. But, make no mistake, this is a powerful sedative hypnotic medication that was developed for adult humans only. This drug carries high risks for canines.

Giving any dose of Lunesta, or generic alternative, to a dog could be a very regrettable decision. We’ll suggest safer sleep alternatives for dealing with insomnia or anxiety-related issues. This particular drug, also known as Eszopiclone, is certainly inappropriate for pets.

While Lunesta may help to induce sleep, there’s been no testing done as to its efficacy for canines and it’s certainly not FDA-cleared for animal use. Natural solutions, or pet-friendly products, are much preferred.

Can I Give My Dog Lunesta? Answer: No

This is a very powerful drug that should be kept well out of reach.

We highly recommend a herbal elixir that was developed for dogs because it works wonders. You have to understand that Lunesta misuse comes with a long list of serious side effects. Your dog could suffer severe consequences as a result of this potentially dangerous medication being in their system.

So, to be very clear, do not provide your dog with any amount of your prescription Lunesta.

Safety First & Sleep is Second

Pet parents would be prudent to pause prior to providing potent sleeping pills. Most aren’t appropriate for dogs. A small percentage of vets advocate, under some circumstances, giving dogs Lunesta in very low doses. We view this as a risky thing to do, although we tend to err on the side of caution.

Lunesta’s efficacy, even with humans, is questionable. A study found that patients still met criteria for insomnia following usage.

Diagnose First & Meds Second

Some other human medications for sleep are safer than Lunesta. That said, we don’t really recommend those for a pet dog either. Getting a professional opinion and an accurate diagnosis is important and will provide peace of mind. Otherwise, stick to safe products. Avoid putting your dog in a dangerous position, especially for a sleep disorder that they may not actually have!

A Few All-Natural Sleep Ideas

Try going the all-natural route for your dog’s sake. Get them either a Thundershirt or low dose Melatonin designed for dogs. These will promote calmness which may get Fido to relax a bit. Their natural desire for sleep could kick in. Sometimes dogs get spooked which results in anxiety and that can affect sleep.

Do whatever you have to do to make your dog’s sleep environment as conducive and comfortable as possible. Prepare a soft bed for them to lie in. Make sure the area is dark and quiet. They should be naturally drawn this special space when the feeling of sleepiness begins. Don’t try to coerce your dog to sleep.

Accidental K9 Consumption

Lunesta should obviously be kept away from pets and well out of reach. Dogs that somehow overdose on this drug may need to treated with activated charcoal to reduce harmful effects. This is critical within the first hour of poisoning. Involve a vet because the situation can be quite serious for any dog.

A Sleepy Misunderstanding

Unlike us humans, dogs typically sleep when they feel the need and wake up when they’re ready. Consider that your dog may be sleeping when you aren’t around. Canine adrenaline tends to kick in when a master is home, so maybe you don’t see them sleeping much. Don’t assume they aren’t getting rest. That’s why close observation is needed prior to the use of meds.

In any case, Lunesta is completely inappropriate and will expose your dog to unnecessary risks.

Conclusion on Lunesta

No, forget Lunesta! There are much safer sleep solutions for pets. Your dog may not actually need any drugs. Most animals take naps throughout the day and sleep sporadically at night. If your dog really does have a sleep-related problem then address it with a veterinary professional’s help. Taking matters into your own hands, especially with prescription Lunesta, is a dangerous idea.

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