Can I give my dog baby food?

Can I Give My Dog Baby Food?Some pet parents consider feeding a bit of baby food for various reasons. While it’s necessary and healthy for human babies, this interesting feeding idea is highly debatable for dogs and even puppies.

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Humans and canines have different sets of dietary requirements, and this is particularly true during the critical newborn years. Let’s discuss the particulars of providing commercial baby food products to a pet dog.

Most baby foods aren’t toxic for canines. But this type of formulated food, in general, isn’t a great source of nutrition for dogs. It’s not suitable but also consider that your puppy could develop a food fondness making Fido frustratingly fussy later in life.

Can I Give My Dog Some Baby Food? Answer: Not a good idea

The ingredients usually are not optimal for dogs or puppies.

Assuming you have a healthy puppy, feeding them a human baby food diet isn’t a good way to introduce them to the world of food. Stomach upset and diarrhea are possible as well as allergic reactions due to certain ingredients that are often included in baby foods. For example, some brands contain onion powder. So keep it simple, baby food should only be given to babies and quality puppy food such as Taste of the Wild (grain-free) should be given to puppies.

Downsides of Baby Food

One of the negative effects of messing with a pet’s food is that they sometimes become picky eaters. If they come to like baby food more than regular dog food, they’ll refuse to eat what they really need! Giving in to your dog’s food whims is a bad sign of behavioral trouble ahead. It’s important to avoid this problem early on while they are still puppies.

Besides, only a high quality dog food can give a pet dog the nutritional elements needed to live strong and long. These foods were created specifically for them.

Baby Food’s Ingredients

Ingredients typically found in baby foods include fruits and vegetables such as oranges, banana, peas, carrots and sweet potato. These are beneficial and a net positive for dogs. But if the baby food contains an element of grapes, then that’s a different story. Other harmful ingredients sometimes present in popular baby food products include onion, as previously mentioned, and garlic which usually comes in powder form.

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Mixed In w/ Dog Food

Some people mix baby food with dog food which is certainly better than straight baby food. But you must be sure that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that are potentially toxic. Believe it or not, the smell and moist texture of the baby food can be enticing to some dogs. In any case, the dog food portion should be the majority of the serving size. It’s just more balanced and nutritious assuming you are buying the good stuff.

Regarding Picky Eaters

You should offer quality dog food, instead of baby food, several times daily. If they refuse to eat within 10 to 15 minutes, it’s best to take away the food and serve it again a little later. This will teach your dog or puppy that not eating their meal will cause them to miss out and possibly go hungry.

Your pup will be more likely to eat their food the next time it’s served to them. Be firm when withholding food if your dog refuses to eat it. Whatever you do, don’t give in by offering baby food unless a vet expressly recommends doing so.

Conclusion on Baby Foods

It’s best not to feed a puppy or adult dog your human-formulated baby food. This is because it does not contain the right balance of vitamins and minerals for their canines. Puppies have different nutritional requirements. Resist spoiling your dog by allowing them to eat regular baby food. This can develop into a bad feeding habit, especially at such a young age.

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