How to make a cake for a dog: from plain fun to extravagant celebrations

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Dog cakesCakes are considered the star of any celebration, from birthdays, to achievements, to just plain happy days with the ones you love. For dogs, they also come in for a share of the celebration and happier moments in life. We all know that dogs age a lot faster than we are, that is why every milestone is very important and memorable. We now live in an age where we appreciate more about life, and give something more than we usually do.Preparing pastries such as cakes for dogs is not just a heartwarming experience- it is also a fun and exciting moment and will let you enjoy the process because you are doing this for someone you love dearly.Know the difference between human and canine cakesHuman cakes and canine cakes almost look the same, but the similarity ends there. Remember that we have many ingredients that are used to bake our moist and yummy cakes, but most of these ingredients should not make it in your list of ingredients when making a cake for your pooch. Chocolate is the most common ingredient that should not be in a canine cake, as well as other processed ingredients like dairy products, fruits such as cherries and apples, sugar, salt, and some nuts such as Macadamia, are incompatible with dogs.Toxic foods for dogs infographicConsumption of some of these ingredients can give adverse reactions after several hours, while others will accumulate health issues silently like a bomb ticking inside. It is also very important not to incorporate cat food with dog food, or use the former as a substitute because they are formulated differently based on feline nutritional needs. There are a lot of cake recipes for dogs available, and it will completely depend on your preference on which one to choose for your dog.Reasons to make a cake for dogsIf you are a happy pet parent, you do not necessarily need a reason to make a cake for your fur baby. A plain-looking day can be made extra special if we want it to become one. Aside from this idea, here are some of the milestones that are worthy for a celebration with a cake.New puppy shower – If this is your first time having a fur baby, or there will be a new one in the house as a family member, then why not throw a new fur baby shower. It is very important for puppies to establish good socialization skills, so why not invite your friends, and have a great party that will be enjoyed by both pet parents and their dogs.Anniversary of adoption – Remember the first day that your dog came into the house. Anniversary or adoption is better to remember because as we all know, dogs age at a much faster rate compared to humans, making birthdays a bit harder to track. Reminisce the day that you brought the young puppy home and turn it into a family occasion. Celebrate it by baking a cake, and have a simple yet meaningful with the family. Another great idea is to celebrate its anniversary by going to a dog shelter and spread the doggie love with other dogs that will appreciate such action.Anniversary of adoption dog cakeDoggy housewarming – If the dog is new to the community, you can also host an acquaintance party for the neighborhood and their fur babies. This is a more public event compared to the puppy shower, and is applicable for dogs that have been rescued or adopted. This is a great choice for pet parents that love to party without leaving their fur babies behind.Obedience school graduation – A great moment to let the neighborhood know that your dog aced its training. This is also a great way to know more about the owners of your dog’s classmates. Celebrations like this makes an activity easier to manage because the guests share common interest, and dogs are there to serve as entertainment or a subject for endless conversations.Dog show after party – Whether the dog show is a casual event or some serious completion, it is the effort and enjoyment that counts. Therefore, whether it is an A+ for the effort, or a massive championship win, this calls for a dog cake.Baking dog cakes: the basicsYou do not have to be a massively talented individual to create these tasteful cake ideas for your dog. You just need to know the important basics and you are good to go. In general, there are two classifications of dog cakes – bake and no-bake cakes.Both variants offer delightful flavors that dogs will enjoy, and what sets them apart is that the former takes shorter time and easier preparation. Some of the cake recipes for dogs in this list are quite easy to prepare and allows you to enjoy the purpose of the cake and its accompanying celebration instead of getting busy in the kitchen.No-bake dog cakesFrozen yogurt delightThis is a cake option if the selected celebration will be during the warmer months and this cool cake idea will be a delightful treat for your dog and its party-mates. Simply mix one full cup of fat-free, unsweetened yogurt, strawberries or any berry in season. Make sure that everything is evenly mixed. Place the mixture in a bowl, and place it in the freezer overnight.Peanut butter cakeThere is an uncanny affinity between dogs and peanut butter, and there are dogs that go crazy over treats with peanut butter in them. A staple favorite, it is a great source of protein. This cake will need rolled oats, fat-free milk, and of course our main ingredient, peanut butter.Peanut butter cake for dogsVeterinarians recommend this no-bake cake because it can be a great alternative for dogs that are allergic to wheat and corn-based products. Peanut butter is a source of protein and a favorite for many dogs. To make your own peanut butter cake, simply combine a cup of peanut butter and half-cup of fat-free milk. Mix both ingredients until combined evenly.Then, add three cups of rolled oats and mix well. The dough that will be created after mixing should be placed on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Mold the dough into your preferred cake shape. Once set, place the dough inside the refrigerator and let it sit for at least an hour. The milk can be replaced with coconut milk for lactose-intolerant dogs.Pumpkin and peanut cakeThis is a modified version of the basic peanut butter cake by adding mashed boiled pumpkin into the mix. Pumpkins have excellent nutritional values and are generally non-allergic or non-irritant even to dogs that have a very sensitive stomach. Same procedure goes but make sure that the mashed pumpkin is mixed before pouring the oats. Pumpkin and peanut cakes need a little more time to set, like about two to three hours.Another tip is to make sure that there will be no peelings or seeds that go into the mixture (for pet parents that will manually prepare the pumpkins from fresh produce). Not only peelings and seeds taste a bit awful and taint the taste, it is also hard to digest and may lead to gastrointestinal blockage or irritation.Cheesy bacon log cakeCheesy bacon log cakes are easiest to prepare, and packs good nutritional value. Cheese is an alternative source of protein, and is one of the tastiest of the bunch. To prepare a cheesy bacon log cake, combine a cup of low-fat cheese and about four tablespoons of sunflower oil. Mix both ingredients evenly.Cheesy bacon log cake dogOnce evenly mixed, place the mixture into a saran wrap and press evenly to create a log shape. Once the log shape is achieved, you may now roll in the crumbled bacon pieces. Wrap the log with a plastic film and let it sit inside the refrigerator for about one to two hours.Dietary, allergy concerns, and other sandwich cakesOf course, there are dogs that are quite incompatible with generally accepted ingredients that are pooch-friendly. When a dog is too old, or has dietary concerns, it is very important to discuss this with your veterinarian. You should remember that treats, cakes, and food choices in general should be served in moderation. There is a possibility that your veterinarian will recommend you to stick with the ingredients or treats that have been formulated to be compatible with your dog.The veterinarian will be giving you options on how to turn the treats, such as biscuits and other food choices into something that will look like a celebration cake, or muffin. Sandwich cakes are made from large biscuits and filled with veterinary-approved combination of mashed ingredients. They do not look like cakes but they serve a similar purpose of turning the day into something special.Sandwich cakes dogRemember: No-bake cakes should be placed in a clean pan and rack to avoid contamination. Unlike baked cakes, no-bake dog cakes are more exposed to contamination because there are microorganisms that can thrive even to the coldest temperatures and will not survive inside the oven.Baked dog cakesThe basics of creating a baked dog cake follow the discipline of baking a cake for humans. The key ingredients, such as sugar and flour, are still there but must be measured and controlled in moderation. Bear in mind that both baked and no-bake cakes should not become meal substitute for your dogs.There are some pet parents that fall into this trap, especially for the no-bake variants because they are much, much easier to prepare compared to the traditional home cooked meals. These cakes are made for occasional consumption only, because overindulgence may lead to some of the most common diet-related health problems such as diabetes and obesity in dogs.Easy breezy frostingFrosting should not be a very tedious chore for you. You just need to select a specific flavor that your dog likes. Frosting adds flavor and personality to any cake, the same way in which frosting works for human cakes.Flavors can be pet-friendly honey, white chocolate, or the most common frosting flavor, which is the peanut butter. There should be a base ingredient that is selected from about four ounces of plain yogurt, about eight ounces of cream cheese, and four ounces of cottage cheese. These base ingredients are all safe for our fur babies. Yogurt is the most recommended base ingredient because it is not sloppy, dries quickly, and stays on the pastry or treat.Making of easy breezy frosting with yogurtOnce you have selected your base ingredient, place it in the mixing bowl and add the flavor ingredient. For thicker flavoring such as peanut butter, you can add about three to four ounces. For honey or molasses, about two tablespoons would be enough. Make sure that the ingredients are whipped properly and evenly using a fork or a whisk. If the frosting came out as too thick, you can dilute it with about two to three teaspoons of canola oil. Adding flour or cornstarch can be added to frosting mixes that came out too thin.The consistency of a dog cake frosting should be the same as the frosting that we see in human cakes. It is very important to maintain the consistency without the chunks or flour that has not been whisked properly. This frosting can be used on the cakes on this list, and can be modified based on what ingredient you prefer to use to add flavor. Cake recipes for dogs can be greatly enhanced by frosting by adding aesthetic appeal and flavor as well.The carrot and carob cakeThis is one of the most basic cakes on this list. The combination of flavorful ingredients makes this healthy yet irresistible for our fur babies. Carobs will take care of the sweet chocolatey flavoring without the need to add actual chocolate into the batter.Ingredients1 1/4 Teaspoons baking soda1/3 Cup softened butter1/2 Cup carob chips1/4 Cup vegetable oil2 Eggs1 Cup shredded carrots1 1/2 Cups All-purpose flourCooking SprayOrganic and Low-sugar peanut butterWhipped cream cheeseInstructionsWhile preparing the mix, pre-heat the oven to 350°F. Mix the flour and baking soda, then add the softened butter, eggs, and oil. Make sure that the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients are mixed evenly. Add the shredded carrots and carob chips. Grease the pan with the cooking spray. Pour the batter into your preferred pan and bake for about thirty-five minutes.Allow the cake to cool and apply preferred frosting.Baby berry almond cakeUtilizing the great flavors of almond and strawberries, the Baby Berry Almond Cake is very easy to prepare and is perfect for smaller servings or intimate celebrations for your pooch and its friends.Ingredients3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil2 Cups Almond Flour½ Cup Freshly Chopped Strawberries or Blueberries2 Tablespoons Raw Honey3 EggsInstructionsWhile preparing the mix, pre-heat the oven to 350°F. Prepare two ramekin dishes and grease them with coconut oil.Baby berry almond cakeUse a blender to mix all the ingredients until smooth, and then fold in the berries after. Pour the batter into the ramekin dishes and bake for about twenty minutes.Allow the cake to cool and apply preferred frosting.The healthy birthday cakeFilled with dog-friendly ingredients that complement a balanced diet, the Healthy Birthday Cake can be made for any celebration you wish to use it. This cake smells so good- it is such an irresistible creation.Ingredients½ Cup Shredded Apple½ Cup Cinnamon Applesauce½ Cup Peanut Butter1 Whole Egg2 Cups Wheat Flour1 Can Beef Broth½ Cup Shredded CarrotsInstructionsWhile preparing the mix, pre-heat the oven to 350°F. Mix all ingredients in a bowl properly and evenly. Fill the cake pan with the mixed ingredients and place it in the oven for about fifty minutes.Allow the cake to cool and apply preferred frosting.Valentine puppy cakesValentine Puppy Cakes are named as is because they are usually baked during Valentine’s Day when you celebrate the day with your fur baby.Valentine puppy cakesThis can also be baked for other celebration such as Halloween, Christmas, or any day you feel like baking.Ingredients1 Box Puppy Cake MixDog-friendly SprinklesInstructionsWhile preparing the mix, pre-heat the oven to 350°F. Prepare the Puppy Cake mix as stated in the directions on the box. Pour the mixture into your preferred shaped pan (usually heart or round shaped pan). Bake for approximately twenty-five minutes. Allow the cake to cool and apply preferred frosting and dog-friendly sprinkles.Easy and yummy puppy cakesThis puppy cake is easy to prepare and uses some of the most basic ingredients that makes the baking process fun and easy even to the pet parent that is not very familiar with baking.Easy and yummy puppy cakesThese puppy cakes are also ideal to be made into cupcakes, making them easier to serve and pack for takeout to be given to other guests for their fur babies.Ingredients1 Egg½ Container of Oikos Greek Yogurt with Honey1 Tablespoon Raw Honey2 Tablespoons Smooth Peanut Butter½ Cup Organic Whole Wheat Flour1 Teaspoon Baking Powder½ Cup Canola Oil½ ApplesauceInstructionsWhile preparing the mix, pre-heat the oven to 350°F. Mix all ingredients in a bowl properly and evenly. Scoop the batter into the cupcake pan and bake for about forty minutes.Allow the cake to cool and apply preferred frosting.Things to remember when feeding dogs with cakesDog cakes are a bit easier to consume than regular meals and dog food. Cakes are usually fluffier and lighter than a standard prepared meal. It is very important for pet parents to remember that they must regulate the servings that will be given to their dogs. Our fur babies cannot express themselves that they are already stuffed, and they will just go on eating as long as we feed them. Overfeeding can lead to indigestion, and dog breeds that are very prone to bloating are exposed to an increased risk especially if they tend to eat and roam around the party area.Dog eating his cakeAnother reminder that has been raised earlier is that cakes should not replace any regular meal on a regular basis. Canine cakes are generally nutritious, but it should not be considered by pet parents as a staple food because it contains an increased amount of carbohydrates and sweets that often leads to obesity that may or may not lead into other health problems in the future.In preparing cakes, you should be able to have a good estimate on how much the dog and its buddies can consume. Do not force your fur baby to consume all the baked goodies. If the dog cannot consume all the servings, give it away to other dogs in the neighborhood, or even a dog shelter. Life tastes sweeter when shared, and that applies to cakes as well.In conclusionAs a pet parent, we present ourselves in an immersive experience with our pet dogs. Preparing a cake for them is one of the greatest expressions of love that we can extend to them, without accumulating excessive costs. It promotes bonding, appreciation, and love all around the house and in the neighborhood. We should remember that dogs could not celebrate their milestones by themselves, which is why they came into our lives to complete our days the way we complete theirs.By learning how to make a cake for a dog might be challenging, but if you will put your heart into it and remember the reason why you are doing it is such a heartwarming moment. So, why not try to bake a cake now and celebrate a day with your fur baby?

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