How to make a paracord dog leash: tips and gudelines

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Making of paracord dog leashThe Paracord is a highly versatile multi-filament cord that has numerous applications, uses, and benefits. Apart from its long list of uses and application, the paracord is also a must have equipment for any emergency or survival preparedness.A real paracord is mainly made up of seven strong nylon cords and each of these cords is made up of numerous smaller woven strands that have been wrapped in a malleable outer nylon cord. It is important to note that the combined breaking strength of the Paracord is estimated to be 550 pounds and for this reason some people call this cord the 550 cord.With that being said, the high breaking strength of the Paracord is the one of the main reason why most people prefer dog leashes that have been designed using Paracord. Apart from the strength of the Paracord, it is not only durable but also washable meaning you can be able to wash the dog leash from time to time without destroying the dog leash in the process.Dog leash made from paracordParacord leashes can be purchased online with prices starting from $40. If this price is a little bit higher, you can choose to design your very own paracord dog leash as designing one is very simple and will consume very little of your time. It is important to note that there are several designs that you can use to design you’re very own dog leash. From all the designs, the braided leash is usually the most preferred because it is very easy to make, and anyone can be able to pull it through even without any prior knowledge.All in all, there are several designs that you can give a try and all these designs may differ in terms of sequences and colors. The Herrington braid, gaucho braid, and the diamond braid are just but a few sequences that can be used to make dog leashes.But since this is probably your first project of this kind, it is very important to start with the easiest and as time goes by you can then switch to other complex designs such as the gaucho braid and Herrington braid. With that being said, here is one of the easiest DIY Paracord dog leash project that very dog owner must try out.Step 1: acquiring the paracordJust like all the other Paracord projects the first step is usually to get the paracord. In this project, the length of the leash is going to determine the amount of Paracord that you are going to require for your project. Since this is a large project, you are going to need a couple extra feet because you can never be too careful, or you may just need to start all over again. If you are going to design the king cobra stitch, then you are going to use about a foot and a half of the paracord per inch because the braid is usually larger.Acquiring the paracordFor a leash that is about 6 feet long, you are going to need about 160 feet of the Paracord. To be on the safer side, instead of cutting the cord at 160 feet, you should add another 15 or 20 feet of the cord. If you discover that your piece is short somewhere along the project, then you should start over with a fresh Paracord that is a little bit longer.Step 2: understanding the Cobra and King Cobra stitchesBefore we begin the process, it is very important to understand how the Cobra and King Cobra stitches are made because we will be using them in this project. Usually, the Cobra stitch is very simple to make while the King Cobra stitch is much simpler to make when compared to the Cobra Stitch since it uses the cobra stitch as the core stitch.Making a dog leashFirst and foremost, you are going to need a core because it is going to determine how much braid you are going to need. In the first step, you are required to locate the middle point of your piece and then measure how long it is going to be. After establishing the required length, you are then going to knot it to anything you will be trying to make and for this case you will be making a hook for the end of the dog leash.In the subsequent step, you are going now to take one end then place this end over the core while leaving a small loop. So as to get the stitch that you want, you are required to repeat the entire process but now you will be switching over every time. If you want to make a King Cobra stitch, then you are going to double back over the cobra stitch while using it as your core so that you can give it extra strength and size. All in all, there are several online tutorials if you are going to need an in-depth explanation of how to make the Cobra and King Cobra stitches like this video:Step 3: collection of toolsFor this process, you are not going to require many tools but rather the standard tools that will be needed for any Paracord project. These include:ParacordA pair of scissorsTape measureClipWood BurnerTimeStep 4: The Hitch knotTo design the hitch knot, you are going to wrap the loop several times before pulling it through because the clip is wide. For a basic hitch, you will be required to wrap it around just once then pull it through but so as to add width you will be required to wrap it a little bit extra.Hitch knot fullThe main reason this type of hitch is very important is because it is going to allow the connection to exceedingly studies, hence not to slide around as we will see later on. Additionally, you can also tie a piece of scrap cord at the end of the hitch so that you can keep it in place while working.Step 5: cord management/ the handleThe handle is usually the most complicated part when designing the leash, but once you understand what you are doing the rest is usually very easy. For this step, you will be required first to hitch the cord into the clip, and then measure your desired length. The next step will be to make a loop by using the Paracord.The handle of dog leashOnce you have made the loop, your next step will be to make the handle using core jump. For the core jump, you will be required to take two braiding strands and begin braiding them from the region where the loop meets with the leash. By doing this, you will ensure that the handle is secure for the remainder of the braiding. After core jumping, you are then required to begin stitching around the handle of the leash first. This is very important especially if you will be coming back for the king cobra stitch.It is important to note that, when working with large amounts of Paracord, it is highly advisable to wrap it up and then place rubber bands or a couple of hair strands on them. Placing a couple of hair strands usually works very well because of the cloth covering of the Paracord. Thus the Paracord will slide out very easily when compared to rubber bands. Hence by doing this, you are going to pull the bundled cords through the braids instead of pulling 70 to 80 feet of paracord through each time you make a braid. This step is very important because it is going to save you lots of time.Step 6: completing the first step of the handleAfter you have successfully braided the handle, you will then have to come back to the core and for this case, the core is about 5 ½ feet long. Here, you will be required to ‘core jump’ back to the long piece thus giving it a rather continuous loop in the braid. This step is a very important step because it augments a level of integrity in the power of the leash by making the leash handle one piece with the leash. It is important to ensure that the Paracord leash is made out of one continuous piece of Paracord so that you can be able to give the leash a preposterous amount of strength.Step 7: braidingOnce you have completed the handle, you are then going to begin braiding the cord all the way to the bottom. Since this is the longest part, you can alternatively choose to watch something on the television while braiding so that you do not get bored along the way. Before you begin braiding, it is important first to take a keen look at the formation of the handle because you are going to go all over it so that you can make it as cool as possible.Braiding dog leashOnce you begin to approach the bottom, it is highly advisable to braid as near as you can to the clip so that you can make it as wide as you can. This is important because when you are doubling up for the king cobra, it is going to be close to even. This step is usually very easy, and usually marks the midpoint of the entire project.Step 8: King CobraThe King Cobra stitch is usually very simple to braid, especially if you have managed to pull off the Cobra successfully. After you have braided to the clip while ensuring that it is as wide as possible, all you will have to do is to turn back to the start and then use the initial cobra stitch as your core. It is very important to ensure that while stitching, you go as close as you can to the clip, which in turn will secure the clip so that the leash is not going to rotate nor twist. Once you turn around, you will have to braid all the way to the top.Step 9: finishing upAfter you have braided all the way up to the top to where the handle does begin, it is now the time for you to finish up. Once you have reached this juncture, you can now choose any side of the handle to braid and then go all the way round. After you have reached the point where the leash begins, you can cut and then burn the ends with the wood burner. While cutting you will be required to pull the end then cut it very close and also ensure that the end does not slip through your hands. The wood burner usually takes between three to five minutes to heat properly up so that it can be able to burn the cord effectively.When melting the cord, you are required to run gently the wood burner over the section that you have just cut in a sweeping. If you had designed a multi-color cord then you are expected to rub the wood burner against a dump cloth when switching from one color to another.Dog leash finishedWhen this process is done correctly, the melted cords are supposed to match seamlessly into the cord below. If they do not match, do not get frustrated because this process usually takes a little bit of practice before one can fully master it. And that is just about it. It is now high time to take your dog for a walk. If the leash gets dirty along the way, you can always toss it into the washing machine with all the other clothes.In conclusionThe project discussed above is one of the most basic dog leashes and any dog owner can be able to make. If while working on your dog leash, you become stuck or frustrated, be sure to take a break since you can always begin where you left off. Designing a Paracord dog leash usually requires a little bit of patience and as time goes by you will begin making even the most complex designs. For a complete tutorial on how to make a simple dog leash using the cobra and king cobra stitches, be sure to follow this tutorial:

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