3 Ways to keep your great dane happy and healthy

Life with a Great Dane really is great – they are wonderful companions. Anyone who owns a Dane knows they add more to our lives than we could possible give back to them. As owners, we are constantly trying to find ways to show these gentle giants just how much they mean to us. One of the ways we do this is by giving them the best care imaginable. Wondering if you could do more for your Dane? Here are 3 simple ways to keep your Great Dane happy and healthy so you can enjoy his company for as long as possible.


#1 – Use a Slow Feeder & Feed Multiple Meals

Great Danes are extremely susceptible to bloat. If it happens to your dog, the surgery to try and repair it is expensive and does not guarantee your Dane will be saved. While the exact cause of bloat is unknown, veterinarians agree that to reduce its risk, dogs should not eat too quickly, should be given small meals throughout the day, and should refrain from exercise right after eating. Using a slow feeder bowl or a food toy, like a Kong, can help. So can feeding your Dane multiple meals, instead of just once a day. Finally, don’t go for that long run right after eating. Just like us, your Dane needs to digest his food first.

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#2 – Exercise Appropriately

Great Danes definitely have energy, but you need to take into consideration their age and health before going for that run. A slow-growing breed, Dane puppies should not put too much strain on their developing muscles, bones, joints and tendons. In addition, as they get older, they are prone to things like arthritis and hip dysplasia, so you need to be aware of what your Dane can handle in regards to activity. That being said, active joints that are kept in motion tend to have less problems later, so don’t cut out exercise altogether. Just be sure to talk to your vet to find out what activities are appropriate and which are not to keep your Dane happy and healthy.

#3 – Spend Time With Her

Great Danes are lovers and become closely bonded with their families. This can make them good guard dogs. But it also means they can develop separation anxiety. Danes need time with the people they love. One of the best ways to keep your Great Dane happy is just to spend time with her.

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