Bubbles n’ beads is the best shampoo for a really dirty dog.


This is my dog Brie. She is a white Westie mix. But you’d never know it from this picture. On this particular day she had rolled around at the beach, in the wet sand, which apparently had lots of hidden algae. (Either that or Brie is all ready for St. Paddy’s Day.)

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Brie had never ever ever been so dirty in her life. Not only was she green, but she was covered in wet sand. There wasn’t an inch of her that was spared from this green, grainy goo.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t going to even risk taking this dirty dog through my house and to the bathtub. She was stinky and filthy. If she escaped my arms it would have been disastrous. I didn’t even want her in the bathtub as the amount of sand on her would surely have clogged the drain.


I’m not normally the type of dog owner to wash my dog with a garden hose but on that particular day that was the plan of action with Brie. I ran in the house (sans dog) to get Bubbles n’ Beads so I could give her a good scrub.

I had always known this shampoo was excellent for cleaning a dirty sandy dog because we’ve lived at the beach a long time and Brie often gets dirty. The little beads in this shampoo help to dislodge dirt and grime and the scent neutralizes foul odors.

So I put Bubbles n’ Beads to the test. Taking a big gulp of air (Brie was really stinky) I grabbed my green dog, doused her with water, applied the shampoo and rubbed and scrubbed, spraying her often with the hose to get rid of loose sand.

After only one big application of Bubbles n’ Beads all over Brie’s body she was clean and fresh smelling (the scent of the shampoo is reminiscent of clean laundry) without any sand, residue or green goop. I towel-dried her and she was off to the kitchen to wait for a treat!

The whole cleaning process took me less than ten minutes. The shampoo is all natural, has tons of amino acids to help with coat structure and strength and it feels and smells divine.

Since that day a few weeks ago, Brie has had lots of other beach days, but happily the algae in the sand relocated to Australia! For more tips on cleaning a really dirty dog, click here.

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