Jessica chastain’s instagram followers help locate her grandmother’s stolen dog

Movie star Jessica Chastain looked to her social media fans to help find her grandmother’s missing dog!

After Livvy the pooch got stolen during a visit to a McDonald’s, Chastain posted this plea on Instagram:

“My grandma’s dog, Livvy, was stolen last night from McDonald’s at 2565 Springs Rd Vallejo, CA. Please forward this to anyone you know in CA. There is a REWARD for [Livvy’s] safe return. For those of you who love animals, you must understand how devastated my grandma is. Please help.”

Lucky for Chastain and her frantic grandmother, her loyal followers jumped into action! The post was later updated with the good news of Livvy’s safe arrival home. Additionally, the animal-loving superstar was not shy about showing immense gratitude toward her fans.

“Thank you to each and every one of you that spread the word and put attention to this. I truly believe you all are [the] guardian angels that reunited these 2 beauties,” she posted.

We’re sure that Grandma is just as grateful! Great job to all who contributed to this happy ending.

(Feature images adapted from @chastainiac via Instagram.)

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